Friday, February 17, 2006


  • All the hard work paid off, which means the child bride and I got our deposit back yesterday. We're rich. We're wealthy. Yahoo. We're comfortably well off.
    Our exciting plan for that money? We're using it to pay off a credit card -- the same card we managed to pay off months ago, but then immediately used to fund the trip to Dublin that we're taking in March.
    I hate money. Were it not for the fact that money can be used to acquire beer, I would be against the very concept of money. The child bride and I are desperately trying to save as much money as we can in the run-up to our move to Cardiff. And I regularly find myself sitting up at night cursing my benevolent employer for not paying me more and wishing I would win the lottery.
    Setting aside money, paying off debts and living by a budget is frustrating and hard. I can see why the Bush administration has given up on it altogether.

  • Drunken tree threatens core mission of rocking out and bringing funk to the funkless.

  • The U.S. men faired poorly in this year's Olympics. Perhaps they put too much thought into it. Salt Lakes skeleton racer Robie Vaughn got into the sport because he wanted to go to the Olympics and everything else was too hard.
    "We found out you got to be really good to be on the curling teams," he said.

  • What little work is done at the headquarters of my benevolent employer came to a grinding halt amid the women's hockey semifinal today between the U.S. and Sweden. It was pretty heartbreaking to see the U.S. women fail to score a single goal in the shootout.
    At least our team looks better on the whole. And that's what matters, right?

  • Well-written article illustrating what a punk Olympic figure skating disappointment Johnny Weir is.

  • It doesn't get more trailer-trash than this: 35-year-old grandmother. And by the looks of her, they've been a very rough 35 years.

  • You have to admire this guy's initial crap excuse: "Whoa. Hey. This floor is so slippery, I could have cracked my head open. Thank goodness I was saved by your crotch."

    Ryan said...

    RE: the 35-year-old grandma:

    GEEYAW! Sure they didn't accidentally switch the digits around?

    Lindsay Hansen said...

    Okay, I am always complaining that I don't look my age. But I would much rather look like a teenager than look like I'm eleventy!

    Astrid said...

    I am with you Ryan, could 36 possibly be 63? I am not sure why the reporter wanted to flatter this lady so much after all the things she has done? He must have had a good night or something or ... or he was involved in all the actions too?