Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Beautiful Oddities At Time To Move

My aunt-in-law has accused me of occasionally taking myself too seriously; I think she has been proven right with my latest column.


Astrid said...

I guess if you really want something it will happen sooner or later, right? And woohoo for the Steelers again!

Chris Cope said...

I apologize, Astrid, if this wasn't the best of breakfast reading. It was a little more pondering than my usual columns.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Chris, as your aunt-in-law, I found this week's article to be quite good for breakfast reading and even uplifting. You wrote about the secret that most of us in a downhill run toward 60 already know, and that is that each decade finds us more developed and better equipped in the areas of emotional development, financial stability, intellectual ability, etc. That is, if you approach life with an open mind, intellectual curiosity, a taste for adventure, and a little planning. I think you and Rachel are well equipped to enjoy a lifetime of improvement and justification to write a similar article each decade.