Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Happy Pancake Day 2006!

Tuesday was Pancake Day. Every year I promise myself that I will make a big deal of the next Pancake Day, because I like the idea of making a big deal out of just about any day. But, I forget this plan almost immediately, due primarily to the fact that it's not all that special to have pancakes. I eat pancakes at least once a week. It would be like celebrating Toast Day (which isn't really all that bad an idea).
If you could designate a holiday (other than one that focused on you), what would it be?

  • Just to amuse me -- if you feel like commenting today, I would ask that you do so in the style of a professional wrestler.

  • Although, admittedly, there's not much to comment on. Work, she's a kickin' my ass.

  • Stop. It's bloggin' time. MC Hammer has a blog. That somehow makes him so much cooler to me.
    (found via Kari)

  • Yeah, I think we've all been there: "Garcia was last seen running down a road with an IV hanging from his arm and vomit and blood covering the front of his shirt"

  • Good name for a band: Jenny Appreciation Society

  • So, uhm, things in Iraq are going well. Not a quagmire at all...
    Four months. Four agonizingly long months. When the UK Customs official stamps my passport I will give him or her a hug.

    Afe said...

    MC Hammer has a blog? No way. I say we pray.

    Matthew said...

    I'm not one to raise my voice, so forgive me for not commenting in the style of a professional wrestler. What kind of pancakes do you prefer? I like adding some whole wheat flour to my pancakes. Even 100% whole wheat flour works well.

    Stay the course. I've not heard that remark in a while.

    Chris Cope said...

    Listen Hulkamaniacs, I think "Stay the course" went out with "Mission Accomplished," brother.

    Banksy said...

    The only wrestling I've watched featured Mick McManus and Mark 'Rollerball' Rocco - and they remained admirably silent while applying a sedate half-nelson to one another.

    But I'd just like to point out that the mountain of carbs the child bride is holding up in the photo is not what we in the UK would recognise as a pancake. Oh no, no, no.

    Here a pancake is more like what the French would call a crepe, although even thinner.

    This allows us to kid ourselves that we are somehow not furring up our arteries and embracing obesity like a long-lost, fat, brother, when we load them down with syrup, sugar, lemon, ice cream, chocolate sauce, or a combination of all of the above.

    mo** said...

    um, I am a professional wrestler, please tell me if I should kick your pancake ass today.

    Bethgun said...

    Doh! I missed Pancake Day!!!! :-( And I was so looking forward to it.

    Crystal said...

    oh, like you have never gotten wasted and arrested and sent to the hospital and threw up on yourself and assaulted some EMTs and jumped out of a moving ambulance with a needle shoved have way in your arm. sheesh.

    Anonymous said...

    Listen here Rich, I'm sorry I didn't see this post earlier. I was hanging out with Ron Mysterio and Kirk Angle. I do have one question for you. My Loverboy CD is missing from my bag. It's gotta be you and Larry Lane. Rich, Where's my Loverboy CD?