Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Hello, and welcome

  • Since I indirectly suggested Google-searching my name in my column Tuesday, there's an off chance this blog will see a few more visitors than usual today. For the sake of maintaining my employment, I should point out that this blog is in no way affiliated with my benevolent employer. Nothing here should be seen as a reflection of the opinions of the fine people who run whichever of the 73 websites where you found my column. If it were up to those people, I would have been fired long ago. But because I am almost certainly a whiny-boy socialist America-hater (aren't all members of the media?), inevitably I would try to claim anti-Welsh discrimination, and drag the ACLU into the deal.
    If you are a regular reader of my column (both of you), you may be saddened to see that on this blog I use inappropriate language from time to time. My grandmother says I am better than this, but, in the words of my Papa, "sometimes it just fits."

  • Or, it's possible you've come here via my Welsh blog, which has gained a wee bit of attention today because I'm a BBC success story.
    The right person in the organization heard that I had taught myself Welsh almost exclusively using their Learn Welsh tools, so a press release was issued today and I spent much of my morning chatting amiably about the qualities of the BBC. I feel like a tool, but I also feel that I owe the BBC bigtime for teaching me Welsh. Obviously I don't have a TV license, so that's £759 ($1,324.47) the BBC has missed out on over the going-on-six years that I've been using the Learn Welsh site.
    That would be a bargain-basement education, anyway -- $19 a month for something that has completely changed the direction of my life. That's the way they would sell it on U.S. public television; by attempting to create a direct product/dollar relationship. They always say things like, "We can't continue to bring you quality programming like (the program you were watching before they interrupted to give you a 30-minute spiel) without your donation."
    The only thing I really watch on PBS, though, is "EastEnders," the episodes of which are aired here some five years after the fact. That's worth $10 a year, I'd say. I'll throw in an additional $60 for "Frontline."
    But, as I say, I haven't given a dollar or a pound or a peso to the BBC; so, I have a moral obligation to big them up at any opportunity. BBC rocks your socks, bitches.
    Still, I think I should be added to the BBC payroll as someone they can drag out to sing their praises: "Hi, I'm Chris. The BBC helped me become the person I am today. If more Americans were like me, jihadists wouldn't be so angry with the West. Please pay your TV license fees."
    I was interviewed a number of times today. You can hear my yammering in Welsh on Tuesday's Post Prynhawn (at time mark 18:52), or in English on tomorrow morning's Good Morning Wales. I'll also be mentioned in two stories that I'll have the links to on Wednesday.
    I think that pretty much ranks as 14½ minutes more fame than I deserve.

    Anonymous said...

    Llongyfarchiadau on you interviews. I'm telling ya, if I ever go back for my PhD, I'm going to interview you for my dissertation. It is amazing what you did... (:

    Ryan said...


    Anonymous said...

    Hi Chris! Yep I found your blog through the BBC.
    You're not realy a "whiney boy socialist America hater" are you? Well, I don't really care if you're a whiney boy socailist seeing that I lean that way as well but I love my country. So much so that I'm determined to make it better. Who knows, maybe on a future visit back to the states after living in Whales you'll see big changes.
    Good work for learning Welsh :)

    Jenny said...

    I love the idea of you living in Whales.

    chjajones said...

    You should also mention S4C and it's free tv - I'm up to Episode #2 of Caerdydd - it's a hoot, but really hard to cover up those subtitles. Hope the Beeb puts on some tv soon - I'd pay a bit for Dr. Who!!
    Pob lwc, Chris yn Wheaton

    Goo said...

    Are you worried that your new visitors may be "saddened" by the fact that you occasionally use inappropriate language? Heh... I'm terrified that one day my Grandma is going to come across my blog and read the post about old lady sex...

    OldHorsetailSnake said...

    "Well, Bob," Cope said, "it does help to be a little bit loony. But, what the hey, there was nothing to do in Fargo anyway."

    (Congratulations, Chris.)