Friday, February 10, 2006

I've got Olympic fever

  • It's lame, I know, but I actually love me some Olympics, man. The child bride has been looking forward to the Opening Ceremony for weeks now, and has even planned a special dinner. The opportunity to see people in Lycra outfits suspended from wires is always a cause for celebration.
    She was so excited that she sent me an e-mail in the middle of the day to remind me:
    "America is so going to kick Great Britain's butt."

  • Japanese automakers are giving their workers bonuses, while U.S. automakers are laying off thousands of people. I can't help but feeling that if American automakers hadn't spent decades pissing off consumers by making shitty cars, they wouldn't be in this position.
    A group of co-workers and I found ourselves talking about American cars today and it struck me that Ford/GM/Chrysler not only shot themselves in the foot with the people they sold the cars to in the 70s and 80s (and arguably the 90s), but also to the families of those people. So, not only have they lost the business of people of my father's generation, but also of my generation, because we can remember that American automakers ruined our summer vacations with cars that broke down.
    In a country where we are ridiculously car-dependant, American automakers struggle to sell cars. They've got something everyone needs but no one wants want they have. Ford/GM/Chrysler are a case study in how to fail.

  • Mmmm, liquid candy bar. Just thinking about drinking one of those makes me want to lie down.

  • It was another long day at work, and I've got Olympics to watch, so I apologize for throwing up yet another half-assed post. Much of February may go this way. I hate sweeps.

    Anonymous said...

    I saw those liquid candy bars in the store the other day. Here's the stats as I remember them:

    10 servings per 14-ounce bottle.
    Each serving is 170 calories.
    Ergo, 1700 cals per bottle.

    Sweet (and I do mean sweet) Jesus. Why not just inject insulin directly into the heart?

    OldHorsetailSnake said...

    I have driven (owned) nothing but foreign cars since 1957. Never had a breakdown, either.

    HanktheDog said...

    I'm not sure that the quality between foreign and U.S. cars is really all that different anymore thanks to Six Sigma, etc., but you have a point about multigenerational suspicions. It's complex. The cost health benefits, for example, is extraordinary for the big three and they killed themselves by becoming far too reliant on SUVs during the 1990s.

    justacoolcat said...

    I watch The Olympics too.

    Also, I have mostly owned foreign vehicles with no problems, I decided to buy a Chrysler about 5 years ago as they had a quality push.

    Well, 5 years later it's starting to fall apart.