Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Sweet +3 lovin'

  • OK, apparently a "Contract of Wifely Expectations" is not a legally binding document. That pretty much ruins my Valentine's Day.
    I was personally amused by the fact that the "document spells out how many points can be earned by performing certain sex acts." It's like that wacky figure skating scoring system.

  • I tend to be amused by song lyrics. People attempting to express themselves within the constraints of a time signature tends to result in odd turns of phrase, like "You show up like semen on dark colored clothes."
    The lyric was sent to me by my friend, Anthony, who says the name of the band responsible for this poetry is Vendetta Red, which I think is a weak name for a band. They chose a name that sounds more like a beer. Do you think they first thought of naming themselves Vendetta Amber? Vendetta IPA? Vendetta Stout?
    Vendetta Beer: Tastes like vengeance.

  • I think, secretly, most Americans wish Islam would declare jihad against them. Fark is giving people that chance. Mmmm, sacri-licious!

  • Good name for a band: Throwing Chinese Women

  • Gold-medal snowboarder Hannah Teter easily takes the award for Most Likely To Make You Question Whether The Olympic Drug Policy Is Being Applied Strictly Enough. The only thing more painful than hearing her tinkle on the English language is the reporters attempting to up their coolness by mimicking her. This morning on CBS' Early Show, their Turin reporter, Tracy Smith, made a pathetic and groveling attempt to ride the wake of Teter's cool by trying to use similar speech.
    "Congrats, Hannah," she gushed.
    It was kind of scary, how badly she seemed to need the approval of Teter.

  • My mother has a cold of some sort, and this morning I made the mistake of suggesting to my dad that it is just psychosomatic -- her dad (of incomprehensible prayer fame) had minor heart surgery today. So, in the middle of the day, my dad made a point of sending me an IM to let me know that my mother had developed a fever and had to leave work:
    Cope the younger: OK. Trying to make me feel bad for saying it's psychosomatic, eh?
    Cope the elder: Hey, we all create our own guilt.
    Cope the younger: I feel a fever coming on.
    Cope the elder: That's just OLYMPICS Fevah!

  • And how could I not have Olympic fever after discovering the U.S. women's hockey team slideshow? The pictures are classy in that Glamour Shots way and play up their athletic side.

  • Kari apparently really hates odd pottery (I love that picture).

    Thomas said...

    I am all for objectifying our Olympic athletes.

    Crystal said...

    i always think about names of bands when i am blogging and they are always dirty.

    the new one is: George W.'s P*ssy

    Me Over Here said...

    I can't believe that guy in the news story! "You will be naked within 20 minutes of the kids being in bed". Seriously? Someone needs to kick him in the balls. Hard. And repeatedly.

    Ruthie said...

    That guy is so dreamy. Wifely expectations and kiddy porn...how could any girl resist?

    OldHorsetailSnake said...

    The PhotoBucket people are giving the jihaders entirely too many targets. Pretty funny stuff.

    Astrid said...

    Are you sure Kari was not just repulsed by the tea in the pot?