Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Vice-Presidential Shooting Expert

Thursday morning I will be on Welsh-language radio, talking about the whole Cheney fiasco. I am qualified to speak on the subject because I am an American and I speak Welsh and I am a member of the Global Media Conspiracy. If the BBC is as loose and fast with monikers as U.S. media outlets, they can bill me as an American Media Expert.

I have been reading up on the incident today in a vain attempt to keep myself from sounding like an idiot. I now know that Cheney is the first vice president to shoot someone since Aaron Burr.

I have been trying to form an intelligent opinion about all of this. At the moment I only have this: Dick is a crap hunter.


Bram Davidson said...

Awesome picture ... and visions of literally hunting crap.
word verification: xogiyxci ... jeez, that's just all over the board. I like the five letter ones better.

heatherfeather said...

i really loved on the daily show how they were discussing the quail were farm-bred and imported to the ranch for hunting, along the lines of stocking a fish pond...

and rob corddry made a comment about how he was aiming for the "farm-bred, wingless quailtards and hit a 78 year old man."

know how to say that in welsh?

Taffia Don said...

I want to know what will happen to Cheney if the man he shot dies?

- will he be in court?

Chris Cope said...

He could face charces of criminal negligence or criminal recklessness. The county's district attorney (chief prosecuting body) would be obligated to form a grand jury to examine whether there is enough evidence to charge him with anything. The whole process would almost certainly go no further and no criminal charges would be filed.