Monday, February 6, 2006

You were open; and now you are closed

  • So, uhm, the officiating in last night's game wasn't the best. Meh. I'm still wrestling with whether I believe the Super Bowl is fixed, or at least heavily influenced. There were four or five key plays, but for the most part, the actual game looked a bit pre-season from my view.
    The adverts, fortunately, were better than they have been in the last few years. Remember Super Bowl 2002 -- still in the wake of 9-11 -- when it was apparently against the law to have funny Super Bowl ads? Those were dark times.
    The non-existent award for best ad, as far as I'm concerned, goes to The ad simply encouraged beer drinking -- not the drinking of any particular beer, just beer drinking in general. That kind of public service announcement should be applauded. Of course, perhaps I am biased in my love for this ad because it features Welsh. Use Welsh in an ad and you win in my world. The child bride and I went over to a friend of a friend's house to watch the game and I went just a wee bit nuts when I heard Cymraeg spoken in a Super Bowl ad.
    You also win if your advert suddenly becomes a Benny Hill sketch, as was the case with the Sprint ringtone ad that aired in the third quarter.
    The Minneapolis Star Tribune on Sunday ran an interesting essay -- which is strangely not available on their website -- about the fact that the "contrived adversity" of the Super Bowl is, for better or worse, a reflection of the United States of America. As the Great Albino said just before kickoff, nothing is more American than the Super Bowl. Some 140 million people watched the game Sunday night; about 117 million voted in the 2004 presidential election.
    So it's worth noting that even the ultra-lame nice-and-safe halftime show was censored.

  • Speaking of which, I find it telling that there are no mainstream U.S. (or UK) media outlets offering a glimpse of the notorious cartoons.

  • If Americans weren't so obese, averse to spending time in crowds and likely to injure ourselves burning other countries' flags, it would at times be difficult to tell the difference between us and religious psychopaths who don't like cartoons -- very difficult.

  • I'm exaggerating, of course. We are far too busy being terrified of blogs to worry about cartoons.

  • The presence of Welsh in a Super Bowl ad almost made up for Wales' miserable performance on Saturday. I am so glad that I did not wake up early, drag myself across town and pay $20 to watch that (which is what you have to do if you want to watch Six Nations rugby live here in the Twin Cities).

  • "Did you hear something?"
    "Did you hear something?"

    Rob said...

    I don't support or affiliate myself with the American Family Whatever Online, who are offended by "Cruci-fixins", but lawsy-me, Chris!

    Maybe my sarcasm radar is hyper-tuned and picking up false readings, but it sort of seemed you might be suggesting that the relevant distinction between the American Family folks and the radical muslim protesters is where they fall on the question of
    Being Offended
    NOT Being Offended.

    As tho all Offended Ones are hard to tell apart.

    If this is so, might I respectfully suggest you consider this distinction:

    People Who Talk About Being Offended
    People Who Torch Things And Maim/Kill OTher People When They're Offended.

    Just a suggestion.

    Curly said...

    The world is losing the plot - I blame 24hr shopping channels, no-one is getting enough sleep.

    MZPEACH said...

    Hey I felt the same way about the Super Bowl.

    Chris Cope said...

    You aren't reading the e-mails that some of them are sending to television stations, Bryan. The line is a lot fuzzier than most of us would like.

    Me Over Here said...

    I swear, people are just idiots.

    "Say, I just blew up my car with a gas-filled balloon...wanna give me and my wife here a lift? What's that? Oh, no, they'll pick up the car on garbage day."

    Now, I'm freaked out that someone's gonna come get me, as I'm on facebook as well.

    mo** said...

    Yeah, read this earlier today and couldn't stop thinking about this idiot guy who's gonna go to jail because he wanted to make a lot of noise at the superbowl. He was probably dreaming of maybe passing on TV, becoming an instant star, TV shows would call him and say- man you are one hell of a supporter, you deserve a medal...I guess he'll have to settle for handcuffs.