Monday, March 20, 2006


Zoom, I am fast. The child bride and I took part in an 8K race Sunday and the 30-year-old me was able to beat my previous year's time by almost a minute. I ran the race in 37:44. That's a pace time of 7:35 a mile. I finished No. 438 out of 1,163 runners, so no one will be sending me to Beijing in 2008, but I'm pretty happy with how I did.

As usual, the most important thing is that I outran my wife. The child bride finished No. 742, with a time of 43:47, which gives her a pace time of 8:48.

In fairness, she wasn't trying to run through a mild aging crisis. In her division (women her age), the child bride finished in the top 50 percent (48 of 99), whereas I finished in the bottom 50 percent in my division (48 of 80).

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