Thursday, March 30, 2006

Building bridges with popsicle sticks

  • I heard from Cardiff University's financial aid department today; the bloke there was immensely helpful in talking me off the ledge. He sent me an e-mail that in its essence went like this: "Well, you should do these five things. But, you know, I can make it magically work without an element here or there because the Welsh are nice like that."
    Actually, he didn't applaud himself or the Welsh in any way, but my mind added that because his helpfulness is so contrary to every other experience I've had with university administrative types.
    It adds to this terrifying sense I have that the universe is cooperating. Jenny the other day was talking about trying not to think about things that you want for fear that somehow even thinking about them will cause them to go horribly pear-shaped. I feel some of that when thinking about all these goofy heavy things like life and what the hell I want to do with it.
    When I do think about it, I get even more nervous in thinking about the "how" of it all. Often in my life, things seem to have fallen together in the most tremulous of ways. I feel at times as if I am living on the edge on one of those cartoon bridges that Daffy Duck would build by hammering a plank of wood onto another. I have these ridiculous hopes and I am inching toward them on a bridge of popsicle sticks and Elmer's glue. And when I stop to look at things, I think: "This is ripe for disaster, man."

  • Also, thanks for the advice, Eilís and Tuckmac. I may still name my first child Lucy, though -- €10 is $12.16.

  • Today someone sent me a story for which the headline was: "Man Shot Outside Barbershop."
    When you think about it, that headline could be used for any shooting anywhere, as long as it didn't take place in a barbershop.

  • "I said, 'What are you crying about?' He said, 'Daddy, I was a Jew today.'"

  • It's not the booze, apparently -- college girls are just whores naturally.

    Samsung said...

    Ah. I wish there were more whores at my school. They would be more fun to hang out with and to discuss sexuality with. Naw, the bunch at my California state funded school are uptight and Christian, of all things.

    Oh, well. Can't have everything.


    Thomas said...

    I have been away for a few days. What is going on here?

    Anonymous said...

    I seem to remember hearing about a school that did that 'holocaust experiment' back when I was in high school. Is that a new story or are they recycling things down in FL these days?

    Anonymous said...

    opps, wait a minute, it wasn't high school, it was my Psych class in college.

    Banksy said...

    They do these things quite regularly, although usually it's more subtle than use of stars - separating people according to eye colour for example.

    What is disturbing is:

    1 How the parents of the victim group don't get the experiment...ever.

    2 How readily the advantaged group take to being the uber-group and assert their eye-colour birth rights.

    Chris Cope said...

    Jae - But you have those cool kids who hang out on Higuera on Thursdays who think they're punk rockers off the 1980s.

    Thomas - You have missed absolutely nothing. My life is like a British soap opera -- very rarely does anything actually happen and you can usually catch on to everything even if you haven't paid attention in several months.

    Elisa and Banksy -- Are you blue-eyed? If not, I don't want to hear from you.

    Shawn D. Mickschl said...

    In fifth grade I volunteered to be one of five "greenies" who were forced to eat at different lunch tables, drink at different water fountains, and not allowed to play with "non-greenies" at recess.

    But all the "greenies" got a bag of jellybeans at the end of the three days, so it was worth it.

    Maybe we should start handing out jellybeans to marginalized groups of people.

    It might just solve the world's problems.

    Astrid said...

    I like the name Lucy too. My cousin is named Lucienne, but we'all call her little Lucy.

    Anonymous said...

    I am a fish. whores are good. british soap operas have bad teeth. I am a gangster. fish don't have any feelings. postits were a great idea. calzones cortos is short shorts in spanish. peace!

    Anonymous said...

    for shizzle.