Monday, March 13, 2006

Fuck this weather

13 Mawrth
Originally uploaded by ChrisCope.
A number of local schools are closed but my benevolent employer expects me to be in on time.

And I'm sick.

Fuck this two times.


Curly said...

Who drives a white truck around when it's snowing?

Don't they know that White trucks are near impossible to find once you've parked them?

Lindsay Hansen said...

Holy F! Is that picture in color? I realized that I'm oblivious to actual weather. I'm going to NY next week, and it occurred to me that I might need to wear more than a light jacket.

Anonymous said...

It's 88 degrees in DC today.

Y'all have fun up there.

EF said...

in the last 18 hours we've aquired more than half the normal rainfall for march. good thing it's not any colder or we'd be joining you in your winter wonderland.