Thursday, March 16, 2006

Jesus, ch'i and Cymraeg

  • It spent the morning dumping down snow again today. I didn't have the same clusterfuck commute as Monday because I was prepared. I needed to be at my desk by 7:30 a.m. for an interview with Radio Wales, and the weather folk had predicted 5-8 inches of snow, so I set out at 6:30 a.m. for a drive that takes less than 20 minutes in ideal conditions. The roads were shitty, but things moved along pretty well and I got in at 7:10.
    I can't express to you the pain of arriving in one's office 50 minutes before you are scheduled to work.
    The interview went pretty well, except for my habit of sounding like a loon when talking about Welsh. I compared the history of Welsh to the Taoist concept of ch'i.
    I'm such a dork.
    I also made a wee misstep in stating that Welsh, at 2,600 years old, is older than Christ. I should have said it is older than Jesus. There is factual evidence of the existence of a bloke named Jesus, and Welsh is older than him. Some people would disagree with me as to whether that fella is the Christ, and others would disagree with me on the issue of whether Welsh is older than the metaphysical Christ. That's my Methodist-Baptist upbringing coming out that I would automatically state Jesus and Christ as interchangeable.
    Anyway, you can hear the interview from Sunday. It's in English and should be available via the radio player.

  • Every time South By Southwest rolls around, I find myself listening to BBC coverage and they do all these color pieces that try to give you a sense of Texas and Austin, and I feel this tremendous sense of guilt because I don't live in Austin.

  • "There's such a great emphasis here, in the United States, on looking good and feeling good -- usually at enormous expense to your personality, I find."
    - Ardal O'Hanlon

    Lindsay Hansen said...

    I LOVE Ardal O'Hanlon!!! LOVE HIM!!!
    Do you think he'd marry me?

    Ryan said...

    Father Dougal speaketh the truth.

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    Happy St Pats day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!