Tuesday, April 11, 2006

100 Things: 31-35

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31) I was born in Austin, Texas.

32) I have also lived in: Irving, Texas; Houston, Texas; Bloomington, Minn.; Moorhead, Minn.; Portsmouth, England; Fargo, N.D.; Incline Village, Nev.; Reno, Nev.; San Diego, Calif.; and St. Paul, Minn.

33) I wish I could play blues on the harmonica.

34) AirHeads used to be my favorite candy until my friend Corbett and I, in seventh grade, ate several dozen of them and almost threw up. Now, just thinking about the candy makes me feel queasy.

35) I usually come back to this seemingly endless 100 Things list when I am swamped with work.

1 comment:

Curly said...

Incline Village looks like a great place to go if you like golf.