Friday, April 28, 2006

35 days

  • It's official; I announced to all the necessary powers that be within my benevolent employer that my final day will be 2 June. That's 35 days away. Holy shit, what the fuck am I doing? Suddenly this quit-my-job-and-move-to-another-country plan seems terrifying.

  • I need to find someone this stupid, so I can fund my education.

  • The child bride and I are getting closer to having a place to sleep once we get to the UK. After last week's hullabaloo, my friend Rhys agreed to look at the place in our stead. He reported back to me today that it looks OK to him, so I immediately called and had the letting agent e-mail me the application forms. This is how my wife and I will spend our Friday night -- filling out applications for a house.

  • The child bride and I will be running in a 10k race tomorrow. I don't particularly feel like running in miserable weather (it's expected to be raining and 53F/9C), but I will show up because Koss is running in the same race and I plan to beat her.

  • Who would win in a special one-hour episode: Walker Texas Ranger, or MacGyver, or the A-Team?

  • Why is it controversial to sing the U.S. national anthem in Spanish? I do not understand America. Is this real? How can someone actually have a problem with that? What is wrong with these people? You know, sometimes there is no discussion -- sometimes people are just wrong and they should be treated as such.
    "Hey, I think someone singing our drinking-song-turned-anthem in a different style or language is deeply offensive."
    No, no it is not. You are wrong and you are crazy. There is nothing to debate here -- you are wrong. Turn off your TV and go for a walk or something.

    Thomas said...

    The reason they didn't find any WMDs in Iraq is because Chuck Norris lives in the United States.

    Ruthie said...

    Yes, but do you have a bar of lead painted gold, and would child bride go along with scam?

    Wierdo said...

    Your finishing your job on my birthday! Don't worry, I'll celebrate for you (I'm allready celebrating the end of term, the end of exams and my birthday. I'm hoping to make it an extremely celebrated day!)

    Anonymous said...

    MacGyver, baby. And he could do it all with his pocket knife and some fishing line.