Thursday, April 27, 2006

Correction: I will be watching the World Cup matches at The Local

Kim has informed me that World Cup matches will be shown at The Local, which is where I preferred to go in the first place. I only picked Brits because there was nothing about World Cup on The Local's website. No, really. You would expect me to say that after being reprimanded by someone from The Local, but it really is a better pub. Its food is better, it sponsors the annual Irish Fair, and it doesn't think that Hoegaarden is an ale.

Also, The Local is owned by the same people who run The Liffey in St. Paul, which is one of my favorite places on Earth (here's me enjoying their outdoor seating last summer). I even mentioned The Liffey in a column as one of the places in the U.S. where you can find Guinness that tastes the same as it does in Ireland.

Even if none of the above were true, I would still be planning to watch the matches at The Local because Kim claims to read the blog, thus tapping into one of my longstanding dreams -- to have people know me at a pub. When the child bride and I lived in San Diego, a waitress at the Shakespeare got into the habit of calling me "Norm," thus ensuring that I would not go to any other pub (unless someone else was paying).

So, The Local will be my spot for the World Cup matches. Adjust your planners accordingly.


Banksy said...

Favourite Norm greeting.

All: Norm!!

Sam: Hey Norm, what's going down?

Norm: These two cheeks on this barstool.

Favourite exchange between Norm and Cliff:

Norm: Just when I think I've gone off at the deep end, I look up and there you are diving of the cliffs at Acapulco

Cliff: Hey, but looking mucho primo in my bikini briefs

Sarah Stevenson said...

My husband would consider it remiss of me not to mention that we will be watching the World Cup as well, in HD on our large television, beer at the ready. The Guinness won't be on tap, though, I'm afraid. I have no idea if our local Irish pub, P. Wexford's, ever shows soccer, but I'm guessing the World Cup will require some attention.