Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Deception By The Pint

Continuing the beer theme, my latest column is out. Please send it to all your friends, relatives, and lovers of Irish stout.


Andraste said...


Curly said...

I'm still not convinced. I've heard several rumours recently on this topic and I've not seen any proof.

But then again I haven't been to Ireland recently, or USA.

I can confirm that the Guinness tastes better in Cardiff's Dempseys than the O'Neills.

Anonymous said...

I blame that Diageo crowd who took over Guinness' a few years back. Now they're telling us how much we can drink, where we should drink. I wouldn't be surprised if they've stopped using good Wicklow water and are shipping it in from Minnesota.

Chicken Legs, Twm and The Kid said...

I agree with Curly about the Guinness being better in Dempseys than O'Neills but Chris, sorry I can't quite agree with you on the Irish Guinness. I can't quite judge as I've never had a pint in the US but there was a distinct difference in quality between UK Guinness and Irish Guinness. There's over a year since I visited a friend who was living in Dublin and we spent four solid days finding the best pint of Guinness - personaly it's between the bar at the airport (quick couple when I arrived and a quick couple before I left) and a small bar in a backstreet called Mulligan's. I have a theory - the pint in the airport was fantastic, the barmaid sterotypically Irish (long curly red hair) and very attractive, the pint was poured with care and the bar although a bit modern for my taste felt very comfortable (sport on the tv but in a coffee house setting), Mulligan's was a complete contrast, a small dirty bar(the type that only sell Guinness and Whisky and have snuff for sale behind the bar), thin and long with a succession of rooms, filled with a good mix of locals and bohemians. The pint, served by a mumbling hulk of a man was served with the utmost care (he didn't take kindly to me knocking half a pint over myself latter in the evening - but I was having trouble walking by this point). So it's all down to the experience. Cliched, maybe, but that's what made it for me. By the way, the worst pint I had while there was at the bar on top of the Guinness Brewery - surely it should have been the best.