Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The financial folly of Orson lyrics

Bunny cake
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My family is not really one that holds to traditions particularly well. We try, but they usually fall apart.
Unless they involve sweets or presents. These traditions are rigorously upheld by my mother, who can be relied upon to make a bunny cake every year. Reportedly, the bunny cake is my idea. My grandmother says that I came up with it when I was very young and we have stuck with it ever since. Normally, the bunny cake is more cartoonish, and consists of a massive smiling bunny face, like this cake, but this year my mother opted for disturbing realism. She attempted to give it a fluffy bunny tail with icing, but that failed, and instead our bunny just had an enormous sugary ass.

  • I am terribly ashamed to admit this, but I sort of like that band Orson. With lyrics that address the dilemma of thinking of something to write in somebody's yearbook, and the joy of not having school, it is a guilty pleasure -- like when you're at the bar and you take a sip of your girlfriend's fruity drink while no one's looking.
    But something's been bugging me -- the song "No Tomorrow" has these lyrics:
    "Everybody here is staring
    At the outfit that you're wearing-
    (I) love it when they check you out.
    Cover's only twenty bucks,
    And even if the DJ sucks
    It's time to turn this mutha out.
    Wait. Whoa. Stop.
    Cover's only $20? Only $20?!
    Cripes, mama, $20 just to get into a place -- that's insane. And, according to the song, the club only has a DJ, not a proper band. Where are Orson's priorities? Don't these guys know the value of a dollar?
    This Friday at 7th Street Entry, you can see the Honeydogs, Michael Morris, and the Flavor Crystals for just $8 if you buy the ticket in advance. That's just $2.66 per band!
    OK, fair enough, I have no idea who Michael Morris or the Flavor Crystals are and the Honeydogs are sub par, but the song clearly states that Orson isn't bothered about quality; the lead singer simply wants to turn out a mutha. Based on the two people mentioned in the song, an evening of mutha out-turning with the Honeydogs, Michael Morris, and the Flavor Crystals would reap a savings of $24.

  • Bah, I can't seem to stay healthy for more than a week as of late. I feel like I'm 100 years old. Although, most likely if I really were 100 years old I would long for the days when I felt like this.

  • Interesting look at religious proliferation in the United States.

  • If you could bring someone back from the dead, who would it be?

    Anonymous said...

    Are you sure thats a bunny cake? Looks more like one of the rats of NIMH to me . . .

    Samsung said...

    I like a man with long hair because that means he knows what conditioner is, and that he's well rounded and educated in the ways of hair care.

    So, he'll understand my dirty little expensive shampoo and conditioner habit.


    Anonymous said...

    I hate to say it but I think your bunny cake has miximatosis.

    littlegoat said...

    Underage kids are suckers. Their parents will give them the twenty. Plus, the club needs to make money somehow and they ain't buyin' drinks.

    But, seriously, 20 effing bucks for a DJ? I just paid 20 bucks for a Ween show. For 20 bucks, that DJ better be feeding me truffles or massaging my feet.

    OldHorsetailSnake said...

    Hoo boy, Oregon is the least churchy state in the land. It feels SO good.

    Lindsay Hansen said...

    The Honeydogs are still together?

    Crystal said...

    i too have an enormous sugary ass.