Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Heavy metal Buddha

  • Good name for a band: The Electric Belly

  • I have been stretching my limited mental capacity over the last few days in an effort to speed-complete a short story that has an off chance of getting into a men's magazine. I'll let you know how it goes. If they do buy my story, expect me to big up the magazine as the greatest periodical in the history of man.

  • If I were talking about the greatest blog in the history of man, though, I would be talking about this one.
    (UPDATE: I think this makes more sense if you read my comments on Donal's blog.)

  • "Will the new female move in with George? Will he fly off with her and abandon the nest? Or will George raise the young on his own?" --- It sounds like the tease for a soap opera, but it is, in fact, a story about birds.

  • "One expert says sometimes big balls of ice just fall from the sky without any explanation." --- That is not at all comforting to me. That expert needs to just keep his expert knowledge to his damn self.

  • So, raise your hand if you, like Curly, have been feeling blog burnout as of late. I'm feeling it. I think it may be something about the return of good weather that causes people to no longer want to be introspective. Fuck all this navel gazing, mama*, I just want a Blizzard at Dairy Queen.

  • Somewhat related, I have come to the painful conclusion as of late that I am too boring.

  • There's a new restaurant opening in Bloomington Rock City called Atlantic Buffet, that, according to the sign out front, will offer Chinese food, sushi and Mongolian barbecue. Can someone explain to me why it is called Atlantic Buffet?

    *The word "mama" is colloquially underused in modern times, I think. It's time to bring back "mama!"

    OldHorsetailSnake said...

    Or, Momma.

    The Atlantic is named that because it is not close enough to the Pacific.

    Don't your ever fall for obvious facts?

    Jenny said...

    When I suffer blog burnout, I give the keys to someone else and let them imagine what I have been doing for a while and then posting about it. There is an example of me blogsitting Receding Hairline for the boy here.

    If only I could get one of my students to do it for me: 'Today I was cranky and smelled lyke spam.'

    mo** said...

    um, for a blog about how wonderful you are you couldn't have done better.

    And I'm raising my hand...but am just going to go slower.

    heatherfeather said...

    i had read this post yesterday and not had any particular feelings about the use of "mama".

    however, when you left it in a comment that mentioned shiva, i have to say that it nestled me firmly in the pro-mama category, and i wholeheartedly give it the thumbs up.

    i feel the blog burnout, too. i think it's because it's spring and i have less inclination to sit in front of my computer, mama.

    Samsung said...

    Definitely feeling the blog burnout. I just don't have the emotional energy to write as intensely as I did, say, two months ago.