Monday, April 10, 2006

The Lady, or the Tiger?

The child bride is funny about pictures. When I take a picture of her, she will almost always look at it and say, "Delete that one."

But then, out of the blue, she will complain that I never put pictures of her on the blog.

"How can I put pictures of you on the blog when you refuse to let me take pictures?" I will think, but not say.

I know not to say this because I have been married for almost seven years; experience tells me that regardless of the physical impossibility or duplicity of my wife's complaint, I am the one at fault.

So, I'll put up one of the few pictures of Rachel that I do have. That, of course, is wrong, too. "Why did you have to use that picture?" she will ask.

This picture, however, is Child Bride Approved. I took several pictures of her cooking the other day and she actually said that this one was "OK." The child bride is humble, so "OK" is the most she will say about anything, except for sex with me, which, of course, is fantastic.

On Sunday she said: "I thought you were going to put that picture of me on your blog."

So, I've got approval on the picture, and approval to put it on my blog. It would seem that, finally, I have gotten it right. Experience tells me, though, that I've gotten it wrong again. I'll find out how later tonight.


Greg said...

Of course you're wrong! But you'll never know exactly how ...

Being a stupid male-type person with my messed-up chromosomes, I think that's a fine picture. And it's all artsy, too. But I'm wrong as well.

Monica said...

Wow, did it only take 7 years for her to break you down into realizing that you, as the husband, are always wrong? Less? I must know her techniques!

Cute pic. Nicely domestic.

Crystal said...

nice pic. she has some guns on her. i would do what she says. you don't want to get punched.

she is very beautiful.

Bethgun said...

This is an amazing advance in husband intelligence...and it illustrates perfectly a quote I recently heard (supposedly from Oscar Wilde, though I haven't checked the veracity of my source):

"Women are made to be loved, not understood."

I really like Rachel's glasses...if I ever need to get some, I may write to ask where she got them.

Banksy said...

Has she realised that the camera perspective makes her right forearm looks like it belongs to Popeye?

When she does, it will be your fault for not pointing that out.

Neal said...

You're 30 and you've been married 7 years? That almost makes you the child husband.
When she asked why you don't put pictures of her on your blog, she was really saying "Quit blogging and take out the trash". You will be in trouble for not understanding this.

mo** said...

had she seen the workout video?