Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Let's all make fun of Chrissy

Actual response to my column:

Your an idiot. Plain and simple. There are more important things going on in the world than discovering something ridiculous as Guinness tasting the same! Honestly, go to college and get a degree in something productive. Stop wasting your time and ours by writing such garbage. It wasn't even entertaining!


(Why, yes, using my blog to get back at a random critic is childish. I embrace my childish behavior. Join me, won't you?)


Ruthie said...

Maybe Chrissy should go to college and learn some grammar skills. Do I even need to point out the mistakes?

Really I don't understand people who actually take the time to write some complaint like that about wasting their time. Isn't writing the complaint wasting more time?

Dave Morris said...

Chrissy needs a suppository.

Anonymous said...

A BEER suppository?

Anonymous said...

I thought it was very entertaining actually but since I get a mention in it I guess I'm biased. And chuffed I might add.

The hell Chrissy and her bad grammar. You should be worrying about when the come for you instead.

Anonymous said...

Damn you internet stealing my words! That last sentence should read:

"You should be worrying about when the Guinness Death Squads come for you instead."

Goddamn it all to hell. Can I take it from the top?

Andraste said...

Why is it that the most violently rude people who send in critiques like that NEVER know the difference between "your" and "you're"?

The more virulent the complaint, the less likely it'll be spelled correctly.

mo** said...

she's just jealous that you got to go to Ireland and drink guiness.

heatherfeather said...

i'm mad at you for purporting the easter bunny doesn't exist.

Huw said...

And so begins Guinness's dirty tricks campaign to discredit you. Some of Ireland's finest minds were up late constructing that dispatch from 'Chrissy'. Are you sure you really want to go up against them?

Samsung said...

You have a great sense of humor, and Chrissy obviously has a stick up her ass.

Ooops...That wasn't very nice.


Banksy said...

Count yourself lucky Chris. Chrissy is a model of propriety.

On Maes-e, a Welsh web chatroom, they're currently having a vote as to whether I'm a twat or not after my column this week. (apologies for bad language, but if I asterisk it, it looks like twit)

Things were looking a little bleak at first, but one or two have pitched in to support me.

Jenny said...

Please tell us that you responded to Chrissy's observations. Something like:

Dear Chrissy
You need a good shag.

would suffice.

Crystal said...

"Your an idiot"???

Jeez, Chris, everyone knows You'RE an idiot.