Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Think of me

  • Crikey, I still feel awful. If this keeps up, I'm going to run out of Steve Irwin-style exclamations to express how bad I feel. Danger, danger, danger.

  • In Nick Hornby's "Fever Pitch," he talks about the joy he receives from the fact that people associate him with Arsenal -- when they hear a story about the team, they think of him and will bring it up later.
    On a smaller scale, people will often send me links to stories they see about beer. And if a news story even contains the word "Wales" I'm likely to hear about it.
    I was thinking about these connections today because Monday was opening day*, which makes me think of erstwhile blogger Meaghan's enthusiasm for the Yankees. Usually when I ask direct questions they are ignored in the comments, but I'll ask anyway: What connections do people make to you?

  • Here's another question: what the hell am I doing in this photo?
    It appears that a picture of me dancing like a Cossack has been Photoshopped into this one, which was taken while celebrating Koss' birthday. Perhaps I am subconsciously making sure that I am clearly not touching Anthony's wife, because he is bigger than me (blog-mention point for Anthony).
    I want to tell you that I am also in this photo, or, rather, my hand is in the photo, but that's sadly not true. I can't tell you whose hand it really is because it would negate Anthony's point.

  • Some quotes are better out of context: "we're ready to take America’s marshmallow craze to the next level with more pump-action power."

  • That version of U2's "One" with Mary J. Blige makes my soul hurt.

  • Good name for a band: The Death Freezers

    Lucky said...

    People always tell me about motorcycles (crashes, mostly, or some dude they saw on one who was dressed funny), penguins, and pizza places.

    Oh, and Ronnie James Dio. Any time he does something, somehow I end up hearing about it.

    Anonymous said...

    Shitehawk! That's what most people associate with me.

    Anonymous said...

    You're killing me here.

    Also, anytime anyone I know here's anything even remotely conservatice, they say "I have this Republican friend, Dan...". It's like a Texan telling a story about seeing snow.