Monday, April 3, 2006


  • Blimey, I feel awful. I have felt progressively worse as the day has worn on and I'm to the point now where everything I write is a thinly veiled projection of my physical state -- miserable. I tried to write a blog post, but everything came out more bitter or angry or cynical than I would like to keep for Internet posterity.
    So, I scrapped pretty much everything. I'll try again tomorrow.

  • I encourage you, instead, to read my interview with Goo.

  • If everything has gravity, does that mean there are some objects that would find it impossible to resist my pull? If so, I find that comforting. I'm not sure why.

    Bethgun said...

    Great interview! You're totally right...kick, kick. Maybe as a consolation prize you could let me be president of your fan club once you become more than the Sara Groves of Wales?

    Goo said...

    hope you feel better! and thx for the interview,, you are a great sport.


    Banksy said...

    Everything that has mass exerts some sort of gravitational pull.

    So, how dense are you Chris?*

    This might be of interest to those who waste five minutes of their life every morning poring over the horoscopes in the dimwitted belief that a random pattern of stars gazillions of light years away at the time of their birth has some sort of effect on their love life or financial affairs this week.

    The feckin' midwife was exerting more of a gravitational influence on them.

    *Little double meaning there, in some parts of the UK, and in the USA for all I know, dense also means stoopid.