Friday, April 7, 2006

Will write, strip for money

  • Hey, wow. Judas wasn't a Judas. I wonder how this will affect my Shawn Michaels storyline.
    My favorite part of this story is this passage: "(Gnostic Christians) had difficulty winning converts and eventually died out, although there are modern Gnostic churches in California."
    Of course they're in California.

  • The reason I asked this question is that I am planning on writing a short story that has an off chance of actually earning money. I may end up using a story that's been sitting on my computer for a while, but it strikes me that you -- as someone who reads all this nonsense -- would be better suited than me to determine which of my stories are best.

  • One of the big concerns over this whole moving-to-Wales thing is money. I wake up in fits wondering how the hell I'm going to finance this scheme. But, now, my worries are over. I think I've found the perfect job .

    Thomas said...

    Striping or writing? Why must we choose?

    Anonymous said...

    Gnostics never went away...they just shut up for a long time so they weren't beaten to death or burned at the stake.

    mo** said...

    I say strip and write!

    Neal said...

    Really, how can there be a nude model shortage? I can see it now, a picture of a naked writer hanging in the Louvre.