Tuesday, May 23, 2006

100 Things: 41-45

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41) I believe that country music is a unique and legitimate art form. Toby Keith seems to be doing everything he can to prove me wrong.

42) I also believe that professional wrestling can be considered performance art.

43) "Freebird" by Lynyrd Skynyrd is the most cathartic song in the world. When I feel overwhelmed by the universe, I listen to the longest version of "Freebird" that I can find. I sing along to the guitar parts.

44) I have surprising difficulty remembering my childhood.

45) Sometimes I really, really feel like listening to Metallica (this inherently involves pretending that "And Justice For All" does not exist). Usually this feeling passes within 30 minutes.


Lucky said...

Maybe I'm a jerk, but I'm pretty sure Country music as a legitimate art form started and ended with Hank Williams Sr.

Chris Cope said...

Lucinda Williams automatically defeats that argument, Lucky. But even in popular country, there are themes (and, to a lesser extent, sounds) that aren't explored in any other musical genre.

heatherfeather said...

watch out, toby keith will put a boot in your ass.

Chris Cope said...

It's the American way, according to Toby.

Lucky said...

I haven't heard Lucinda Williams. Even so, I'll concede that she's more of an artist than Toby Keith.

Anonymous said...

Lucky, there is only one Hank Williams.
Chris, you haven't heard Freebird until you hear Dr. Zhivagas, a disco cover band, play Freebird and let their two black guitars players jam out on the end until you're so friggin happy and insane you puke your head off and beg for more.
Also, Ride the Lightning is the best Metallica album bar none. I'm so done with Metallica 15 years ago but I still listen to that album on occaision.