Thursday, May 11, 2006


Here's my first attempt at Audio Post Thursday. Keen observers will note that I am having trouble keeping myself from laughing.

MP3 File


Anonymous said...

Erm, how much did you have to drink before posting that?

Wierdo said...

I'm not quite sure what audio post thursday is (do you plan to post every thursday or are there others involved?) but I liked the impressions! Slightly worrying ;-)

Neal said...

I squirted milk out of my nose listening to that and I was drinking beer.

Curly said...

Simply magical.

I didn't hear my phone ringing through the Nazi speech, infact I couldn't hear anything at all, other than the nazi speech.

Goo said...

HA HA HA! I almost peed!

well done. and no chris, you are not the only one participating today. as founder of audio post thursday, it would be wrong to let a non-working audioblogger aplication spoil my day of days. i will not use audioblogger... i am probably going to record it myself and then upload mp3 to the server I use. We'll see what happens.

Ruthie said...

All I can say is...OMG you are such a freak!

Goo said...

YES YES, everyone should participate. And YES yes, I finally got mine up.

But I don't think it will be easy to top yours Chris... it is still making me laugh... though I will make it a personal challenge for the next APT.