Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Back in Bloomington Rock City

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The child bride and I have made it home in one piece. The flight back to Minneapolis was pretty uneventful. Yeesh, there are a lot of odd-looking people in the Las Vegas airport. So many people have this look as if they gave up in the middle of a makeover: "Hey, I'll buy me some huge boobies, but I'll keep dressing as if it's 1989. Hot pink is the best color. Ever."

While I was away, a few important things happened:
1) Heather's birthday was Saturday. She's a sprightly 94 years old now -- go wish her a happy birthday.
2) This blog's birthday was Friday. It is now two years old.

The picture to the right is of my parents-in-law's home in Saint George, Utah. It strikes me as being incredibly Americana. I took the picture on Memorial Day. The Boy Scouts had set up American flags in front of every home in town.

The kid with the balloons is Burke, younger brother to the Cutest Niece in America and the Most Dangerous Nephew in America. I'll put up pictures of all my nieces and nephews in a bit (prepare for cuteness overload).


heatherfeather said...

aw shucks. thanks.

i feel like i should put in my teeth for the occasion!

Curly said...

That amount of flags could get annoying. Especially if there was a flag amnesty, they'd be a pain to take down again.

Dave Morris said...

Speaking of the airport in LV, the last time I went, the airport was the ONLY place where I won money. I earned 80 bucks of my approximately 500 dollars back.