Friday, May 12, 2006

I got old

  • Man, I'm boring. Boring. Last night, as the child bride was making yet another ridiculously good meal (she is the best cook ever), I found myself listening to Dave Matthews Band's "Live at Red Rocks" CD.
    Fuck off, you. Dave Matthews Band is actually good -- it's the bulk of his fans that are blockheads.
    Anyway, I was listening to "DMB," as the Abercrombie kids used to say (is that even a popular brand anymore?) and staring out the window at a beautiful sunset and it occurred to me that I don't really listen to music anymore. I have a collection of about 800 CDs, but somewhere in recent history I just stopped listening to them for the most part. And I think it's indicative of something about me -- I'm boring. I'm plain. I don't have as much depth. What happened to me?

  • Living in the same house as my mom is a lot like living with a pot head. If you leave anything in the fridge, it will be consumed within a few days:
    "Mmm, I love French silk pie so much. It is so delicious. And now I have used $14 of my hard-earned dollars to buy a whole pie, which I shall enjoy for the rest of the week."
    ...Two nights later...
    "What the? Where's my pie?!"

  • Coca-Cola plans to advertise in Welsh (sort of). I can't help but feel cynical about this.

  • One of the more popular elements to sweeps stories is telling people something that is common knowledge.
    "When it's hot, don't wear a coat."
    "Kids don't know a lot of stuff, so you have to watch after them or they'll get hurt"
    Or, booze can make you fat. But the failure in the story about fattening cocktails is that it mentions old and busted fattening cocktails like the white Russian. It totally overlooks the new hotness cocktails that are so much more fattening -- like the Bacon-rita, or the Kahlúa Fried Cocktail (KFC), or a delicious Absolut Gravy. Help me out here, what are your favorite fattening cocktails?

    Christopher Phin said...

    "French silk pie"? Thinking this was maybe one of those 'hilarious' Freudian typing slips, I Googled the phrase, and I stand corrected. It does look delicious. (At least, all the pictures I found apart from the frankly terrifying Sara Lee attempt.)

    But you gotta admit – it sounds kinda kinky. Like somewhere in Bonn, German's would be indulging in a little light French silk pie.

    Anonymous said...

    Me favorite fattening cocktail has to be the Fried Cheese Curdtini.
    Yer mom eats French Silk Pie.

    heatherfeather said...

    i have around as many cds. hence you thinking i worked in your college radio station?

    i listen to about 100 songs regularly.

    it appears those years of investment in hundreds and hundreds of cds was well spent.

    at least i have them if i need them.

    littlegoat said...

    When was the last time you bought a new CD? Maybe you're not listening to music very much because you're burned out on the stuff you already own. I just bought some new CDs for that very reason. I do like what I have, but I've just heard it so many times. I like to hear something new once in a while.

    Just in the last two weeks, there are great new CDs by these artists:

    Dresden Dolls (their first album is better, but this one is good)

    Gnarls Barkley (this is Cee-lo and Dangermouse)

    Bruce Springsteen


    Lots of new albums coming out. I bet you just want to hear something you've never heard before.

    Jenny said...

    You are the only other person I know who crowbars 'old and busted' and 'new hotness' in wherever possible!

    If anyone says 'old an' busted' in our house, it throws the boy and I into a weird loop where it's all we can say for about two hours.

    OldHorsetailSnake said...

    Cheese Cold Case of Beer?


    Samsung said...

    I don't listen to CD's, so now I'm worried that I may be shallow....


    K. said...

    I have to go with two cocktails and then an entire pizza. Happens EVERYTIME!