Friday, May 12, 2006

Kids love the consumption

  • Last night I was staring at my map of Cardiff, as I am inclined to do these days, and I noticed something I hadn't seen before -- way down there below Penarth* -- Cosmeston Medieval Village.
    "Medieval village?!" I thought. "Rock on!"
    The child bride loves the Renaissance Festival and has been lamenting the fact that we will miss it this summer due to our being in another country. But, here was a medieval village right in Cardiff! How cool is that?
    "This is great! The child bride is going to love living in Cardiff!" I thought.
    Then I looked at the web page that (rather poorly) explains that the village is one that shoots for a sort of realism; giving you a glimpse of how miserable life was before the place was wiped out by the black plague.
    "But now I will tell you about some of the diseases that blight our lives," the website proclaims cheerily.
    Oh boy. Fun for the whole family. I'm guessing that this medieval village won't sell roast turkey legs and Miller Lite.

  • Ow. Ow. Ow. My soul hurts. I taste copper**.

  • I know this is hard to believe, but the White House has hired someone who is not competent.

  • Can someone ask the Red Hot Chili Peppers to please just stop?

    *Get off my back those of you who want to say that Penarth is not in Cardiff. It's on my Cardiff map, which makes it "in Cardiff," as far as I'm concerned.

    **Obscure reference just for Eric.

    Lucky said...

    That video you linked to brings up a rule I try to live by: When they start singing, it's time to leave.

    I couldn't bear to watch more than 2 seconds of it.

    Wierdo said...

    That's generally a good rule. More-so with rap. Embarassing.

    Dyn Gwyn Gwirion said...

    'Can someone ask the Red Hot Chili Peppers to please just stop?'


    Nessa said...

    That traffic rap was ...bad.

    Was your picture taken at the PA fair?

    OldHorsetailSnake said...

    Of course the rap was bad. That was why is was so good.

    Andraste said...

    I, too, could only watch about 2 seconds of that rap. I will never get those two seconds back. Never.

    It was almost as embarrassing as someone admitting they like the Red Hot Chili Peppers. But not quite.

    Carwyn said...

    It's a very Welsh thing to be associated with a certain square mile. Penarth is a seaside town outside Cardiff. Welsh are very trible in that way. People in Cardiff wil say they are from Cathays, Pontcanna, Splott etc before they say Cardiff. rest of Wales are pretty touchy about which part they are from North/West - South part of town or North part of town! By saying Penarth is a part of Cardiff. Your missing a important part of our strange psyche! And open to inventations for fights in local pubs!!

    Anonymous said...

    It's also really fun when people in Cardiff tell you that Pontcanna is a different town when you ask them where it is! That's what I was told when trying to find Caban. Maybe that was my mistake for asking a girl who worked at the Hard Rock. ::eyeroll:: I walked away going, 'But Rhys said it was near the hotel...' And it was. I saw "Pontcanna Pharmacy" (or something similar) on the bus back from the Folk Museum and dragged my mom around every "Pontcanna" thing until we finally came across the bookstore. Cool place! Kids were learning Spanish through the medium of Welsh.

    Anyway, more details of my recent trip coming soon in my Welsh blog, if I can manage to string together a coherent thought. I just got back this afternoon and I'm exhausted. But I have to say Chris, ti'n lwcus iawn i symud i Gaerdydd. I absolutely love the city (though not as much as Trefdraeth...) and I'm concocting my own plan to study in Wales by the time I'm 30. I didn't want to leave! ):

    Blogel said...

    Chris, the Medieval place you've seen on your map is right next door (if there were doors) to Cosmeston Lakes - where you and Rachel MAY come across some of your aforementioned frogs...

    Very nice ;o)

    Dave Morris said...

    What an "uplifting" experience that would be, to witness pre-plague misery.

    It would be cheaper for you and the child bride to visit O'Fallon. I have a spare room, and no black plague. (it has been reported that "restless leg syndrome" is going around in my neighborhood, though - so beware)

    Anonymous said...

    Mmmmmmmmmm... copper