Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Love Isn't Convenient

According to a recent study done by the Pew Research Center, some 38 percent of people ages 18 and 29 were neither in a committed relationship nor looking for one. The reason, The Washington Post reported, is that these people feel they are too busy.

"A relationship takes so much time and energy," Montana Wojczuk, 26, told the paper.

Now I know what you're thinking: Who names their child Montana? It's a name that porn stars use. But that's not the point. The point is that it appears that more than one third of America's young people have lost their minds.

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heatherfeather said...

you are a sappy, sappy man.

it's sort of cute.

and i've spent most of my 18-29 years not being in relationships. mostly because i believe i put out the "crazy as a one eyed-sea slug" vibe, but i can't say for sure.

it's not something i've necessarily sought in of itself, because if i'm looking to be in a relationship with just anyone, i'm usually not feeling good about myself and i want someone else to feel good about me instead. i'd rather be in a relationship with a someone because they're a good person for me to relate to.

hey, i started off this comment as a terse jab at senor "i love my wife" cope. it got all sappy and wordy instead.

maybe i should keep going and continue talking so as to cover my embarassment that i don't have control over my commenting skills.

but at least i don't keep my collection of bathroom scales in my back yard.

Wierdo said...

I on the other hand have been in a relationship since i was 17. I am now nearly 19 so that point doesn't really hold. Damn

The point is, I agree with you. Too busy for relationship and love ish wrong!

Samsung said...

I guess I'm shallow, don't exercise enough, crazy and have lost my mind...Wow, your blog does wonders for my ego...

Seriously though, relationships do take alot of time, and it's better to wait until you do have the time and willness to give to someone.

Have they lost their minds or just made a mature decision?


Anonymous said...

Try working 70-80 hours a week on a regular basis. You'll find the "time and energy" argument to hold up. And often it's not from some misguided urge to further one's career, either. Keep in mind that student loan you're taking out. Having to work those kind of hours isn't necessarily a choice.

Nessa said...

Interesting article, interesting responses.

If you are interested in a relationship, you find the time, no matter how many hours you work.

littlegoat said...

Great article!

"According to a 1.65-second Google search, the traditional gift for a 35th anniversary is coral. I'm not sure I understand that: "Happy anniversary. In your honor, we've raided a delicate ecosystem."

That part was my favorite.

I understand that relationships require effort, maintenance, and time that some folks are far too busy to even consider expending. I think the trouble comes in if the person making the argument implies that relationships SHOULD be effortless and convenient. Of course they aren't; however, relationships (be they close friendships or romantic interests) are a vital part of living. There has to be a balance between emotional/social interaction and dedication to work and work relationships; without it, we are merely wage slaves marching toward death and failing to enjoy its precursor: life.

Lindsay Hansen said...

This may be my favorite column. And the more I hear about your dad, the more he sounds like a real kick in the pants! And if Montana doesn't think she has a porn star name, well, I feel sorry for her. That, and that I can't pronounce her last name, even though it seems Polish and I am part Polish. Humph.

Dave Morris said...

You are so right in your assessment, and the column was really rather nice. Bravo.