Friday, May 5, 2006

The powdered sugar is actually powdered swords

Ask a Ninja is my new favorite website. The only drawback to the site is the fact that the concept is 100-percent stolen from Esther. More than 11 years ago, she and I were sitting around in her room when she wrapped a blanket around her head and shouted: "I am ninja; ask me question!"

I proceeded to ask her questions and she answered them in hilarious stylee that neither my memory nor my imagination can replicate. It made me laugh so hard that I could not breathe. If I didn't ask her questions fast enough, she would shout: "I AM NINJA; ASK ME QUESTION!"

And then she would punch me. A lot of Esther's humor involves punching me.

1 comment:

Astrid said...

Did your bruises come in funny shapes as well?