Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Cannon Falls is for lovers

  • I'm pretty sure 15 comments is a record. Thanks, everyone, for wishing us a happy anniversary.
    The child bride and I celebrated our anniversary in relatively low-key style, which seems to be our overall style. We were married in her parents' back yard, so why not celebrate seven years of marriage by going to Cannon Falls, Minn.?
    Those with knowledge of the North Star State may wonder why we chose to spend the night in my high school band director's hometown. The Cannon Valley Trail starts there and for some reason a 40-mile bike ride seemed the perfect anniversary activity.
    We ate lunch at the Applebee's in Red Wing (I know -- classy), where we had to ask the manager to change the bar's television from golf to the U.S.-Czech Republic match. It was clear he couldn't give a great goddamn about soccer, because he originally changed it to the wrong station and asked if that's what I was looking for. He wasn't alone. A few minutes later, a group of guys sat down near us, vocally expressed their general disgust for soccer and wondered aloud whether there was golf on.
    Their disinterest in the World Cup was vindicated by the U.S. team's performance. That game was 90 minutes of sucking, as far as the U.S. was concerned. About 70 minutes into the match, Rachel said: "(The Czechs are) either really, really, good, or we're not nearly as good as everyone said we are."
    ESPN commentator Tommy Smyth has picked Italy to win the whole thing, so I doubt Saturday's match against them will look a whole hell of a lot better.

  • Speaking of ESPN commentators, could they kiss Brazilian ass just a little more? They spent the first 40 minutes of today's match (during which Brazil did not all that much) verbally circle jerking over the team with random comments like this: "Their style of play just makes your heart smile."

  • Has anyone else noticed that the slogan, "My game is fair play" is plastered on things throughout the World Cup stadiums? Does it make sense to you that a somewhat syntax-challenged English phrase would be used by German hosts? Who is that for?

    (Even though I'm out of the news loop, thankfully Huw was alert to this one.)

  • My page views have been plummeting as of late, and I'm not sure why that would be. If it were an issue of quality, nobody would ever come here in the first place. Perhaps I am not working enough Google-searchable phrases into my posts, like "naked Asian teens on riding lawnmowers."

    Greg said...

    I'm glad you mentioned the announcers loving the Brazilians. I turned the game on in the 60th minute about and watched the Croatians play them pretty much even. Brazil was obviously more skilled, but the Croatians has better chances. Yet the announcers kept slobbering all over our one-named wonders, although I don't think they said anything as stupid as that.

    Go Germany!

    Anonymous said...

    I find the term 'ladysex' brings in a lot of visitors from Korea.

    Happy anniversary by the way.

    lfc said...

    not sure if this affects page views, but i use rss, so i don't actually visit your page... your page comes to me (did i just blow your mind?)...

    Anonymous said...

    but have you ever kissed a brazilian ass?

    i think not.

    i can't speak of it so disparagingly.

    although i prefer colombian ass. i don't think they qualified for la copa mondial, but still, mmmmmm.

    Lucy said...

    I'm still here! I love the idlers. Happy anniversary by the by.

    Dave Morris said...

    Been a while... sorry. I gotta get a different job where I don't have to work so bloody much.

    I actually (embarrassingly enough) got here via a search for asian teens today. Don't tell my mommy.

    Happy Anniversary!!!!

    Lindsay Hansen said...

    Please tell me you ran into Doc in Cannon Falls.

    Chris Cope said...

    Dave -- Strangely, I know the feeling. I find myself with less time for blogging all of sudden. Of course, I'm drinking. Your situation is probably different.

    Anonymous said...

    well, its saturday..and the us and italy tied!! so, hey, there's still hope for the us team..go tell the missus..

    and thats beautiful that you celebrated your anniversary in a low key style..not everything needs to be a production..the only thing that matters is the love you two have..so once again, congrats on the anniversary!!