Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Conversation based on a found photo

"I don't make mistakes."
"Yes, sir. I realise that."
"But you think I made a mistake."
"No, sir."
"You do. I know you think that."
"Yes, sir. I know you know. It's not so much a mistake, it's just that..."
"I've misplaced something."
"Yes, sir."
"And you want me to put it back."
"Sir, I don't think I'm in any position to tell you what to do, sir."
"But you want me to put it back."
"You know it doesn't matter to me, sir. It's just that... for them. They're going to notice."
"They are."
"Yes, sir. It was in Wyoming yesterday and today it's in Arizona."
"Not much difference."
"In relative terms, sir, you're right -- there isn't one. But they'll notice. It will be very obvious to them."
"Well, it walks the line of violating our contract with them."
"It will just make them uncomfortable, sir. If they wake up and something like that has moved from Wyoming to Arizona -- it will make them uncomfortable. It's not a flat-out violation of free agency, I suppose, but, you know..."
"Yes. I know."
"So you'll move it?"
"Yes. Devil's Tower Monument from Arizona, back to Wyoming. Done. I don't like that name -- Devil's Tower."
"I guess not. Thank you, God."
"You're welcome."

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Lucky said...

I knew something wasn't right when I drove past...