Thursday, June 22, 2006

Get off my back, yo

Dude. Yes, I know I'm not blogging. But I am actually really busy. Delightfully, this busy involves my eating ice cream and drinking beer, but I am actually, legitimately really busy. And, even better, I can't tell you what I'm busy doing. I'll tell you later, though, I promise.


Afe said...

You're playing with your Star Wars figurines, aren't you?

Jenny said...

I think you're counting something. Maybe like a lot of cans in a supermarket. Or jellybeans in a jar.

Curly said...

He has star wars figurines?

I would have been much nicer to him if I'd known that. How the hell am I supposed to get his autograph now?

Anonymous said...

So if whatever it is you're doing involves that much ice cream and beer, how are you not gonna call a friend who lives no more than 20 mins from you to partake?

It better not be beer floats...oh, that would be just so wrong.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

You got the job of your life's dreams as a beer taster, didn't you? And so you're not going to Wales but are going to stay here and get fat.

Sorry to spoil your secret.