Sunday, June 25, 2006


I'm inclined not to write this post; I spent a lot of time putting together my Flickr Fiction piece this week and wouldn't mind having it sit at the top for a while. But, it's 1,500 words, so few people will read it, anyway, and I thought I should let you know why you won't be hearing from me at least until July.

In the wee hours of Sunday morning, I am heading up to northern Minnesota for a canoeing/camping trip in the BWCA. My two best friends, Eric and Paul, will be going up with me, as will Paul's friend, Matt, and Paul's dad.

Paul's dad is the lynchpin for fun. Three days in the wilderness with Wayne Kopesky = a whole batch of stories I will still be telling 30 years from now. I am honestly excited, especially since we have abandoned all pretense of roughing it. Wayne is providing a cast iron skillet and WWII-era camping gear, Matt is providing a propane stove and two bottles of whiskey (one single-malt, one bourbon), and I am providing a large cooler loaded with 72 cans of beer.

"I think this is the most un-Boundary Waters experience we can have in Boundary Waters," Eric said.

While we're up there, I encourage you to occasionally check the weather, so you can laugh your ass off when you see forecasts that say things like, "Windy with thunderstorms."

We'll only be up there until Tuesday. I'll have Wednesday to recover and then on Thursday the child bride and I will be traveling down to Chicago. Rachel's youngest sister is being released from her Mormon mission just in time to see us before we leave.

If we are lucky, we'll also be applying for our visas, but Sallie Mae might not come through in providing a key piece of paper. A number of organizations are directly involved with the child bride and I finally getting to Wales; off the top of my head, you've got the university, Sallie Mae, the estate agent in Cardiff, the United States government, the British government, the United States Postal Service, the Royal Mail, my bank, Rachel's bank, the state of Utah, and the American Automobile Association. So far, Sallie Mae has stood out as the most incompetent.

I'll be back in Bloomington Rock City on Monday, 2 July. If I'm lucky, and all things magically fall into place, I will know by then my exact date of departure for the United Kingdom.

  • Good name for a band: The Suck Kings

    OldHorsetailSnake said...

    72 beers will not be enough. Start over.

    (Good luck, buddy.)

    Chris Cope said...

    That's what I said, Hoss. My wife thinks I'm crazy.

    Somebodyiusedtoknow said...

    hey, i'm in chicago! let me know if you need to find out where the best bars and brothels are located.

    have fun on your trip!

    Crystal said...

    is that all the beer you are taking? for 5 men? you do realize that's only about 14 beers a piece.

    i'm ashamed for you chris. i thought you knew better than that.

    hopefully the liquor will take some of the edge off when you run out of beer and you are trapped in your tent with t-storms raging and 4 other stinky guys who just drank all your beer are trying to hold you down and teabag you.

    good luck, my friend. good. luck.

    Lindsay Hansen said...

    I love Mr. Kopesky! He was my floor hockey coach for one season, and of course I saw him at all of the band functions. He is so fun!
    I'm jealous, I think. And a little embarrassed that I just admitted that I played floor hockey. For multiple seasons.