Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Crazy Goes Mobile

My latest column is out and should give you some idea of how things are going around here. Please help me become internationally famous by forwarding it to everyone you know.


Curly said...

Erm, obviously the girls sweater was extremely tight... Cardiff is in the South East corner.

Hang around places such as Buffalo, Callaghans and Clwb Ifor Bach you'll see the Ninjah at work in his preferred environment - late at night.

Anonymous said...

>>It remains a mystery, though, as to how she knew I was at the pub<<

It's because the BBC is stalking you.

Seriously, she probably read on Rhys' journal that you guys were meeting at the Mochyn Du and tracked you down.

Trust no one man... (:

Neal said...

I can't believe you went through with it and you're actually in Cardiff. I mean, I thought all the babbling about moving was just some sort of elaborate joke.

Astrid said...

So crazy is the forecast for you, not only for today, but also for tomorrow. How do you dress for the crazy days, neighbor Chris?

Monica said...


I think my word verification is a welsh word actually, "eyiwy". Ring any bells?

Toenex said...

Last time I got my column out I was arrested by the Police.

I would welcome you to Britain but you appear to have accidently ended up in Wales.

Rhys Wynne said...

I think Chris is pretending that he still hasn't got web access (or he's being modest - you decide!), otherwise he'd have posted a link to him appearing on S4C.

He's on 20 minutes into what must be the shitest programme on Welsh language TV I'm ashamed to show it to you.

Curly said...

ha ha! Dw i'n serchu y sylw ar y diwedd - "Mae e'n siarad well cymraeg na fi"!

Da iawn Chris.