Sunday, July 9, 2006

More stuff from my sleep

In a dream last night, this was in a magazine ad:
"Mosquito repellent as loyal to you as Saint George was to virgin princesses."


Anonymous said...

What did you eat before you went to sleep?

Curly said...

Mosquito repellant, by the sounds of it!

Good old St.George.

Dave Morris said...

I do that all the time, but with song lyrics. I'll dream that I'm writing a song, and when I wake up, I'll jot down the lyrics, thinking they are amazingly great.

Then, when I read them later, I have to laugh.

Huw said...

David Hasslehoff wanted to fight me the other night. He was surprisingly intimidating.

karla said...

My husband recently dreamed that a bunch of lawyers dressed in muslim attire were playing catch with a popcorn ball. I'm tempted to try to analzye that dream, but I'm pretty sure I'd just decide it means my husband is a big dork.