Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Question for those of you in the UK

The child bride and I will be setting up Internet service and mobile phone service when we move to Cardiff next week. Any suggestions on which companies are the best?


Jenny said...

We have Virgin Broadband and like it v much.

Check out some of the all-in packages for digital telly, phone and internet; we used to have Telewest and loved it but it's not available in South London. There's also BT Home Choice which I'd quite like but we can't be arsed switching providers now.

Wow, I am so interesting.

Curly said...

I'd recommend NTL around Cardiff - for the reasons than Jenny has described.

Anonymous said...

I don't have any specific experience of UK broadband but I spotted this story on the Register recently that Orange are offering a product if you sign up with a mobile phone contract. I don't know how good it is but it looks interesting.

Also I have NTL over here in Ireland and they provide my TV and DSL in one package.

Anonymous said...

I heard about Talk Talk. This can be interesting for you. For a fixed price (really good price) you can have Your broadband +

Unlimited calls to
* Any local and national UK landline number, anytime
* International landline calls to 28 mainland countries worldwide


C said...

Its not a question of which companies are the best, but which are the least worse!

Don't go for NTL (also known as NTHEll).

BT can seem a bit pricey, but I have never had any problems with reliability - Broadband and phone sevices.

Get a pay as you go mobile phone - easy and no hassle.

Just don't sign a 12 month contract for anything, its a lot easier to change then if you see a good deal.

Brian said...

They got Comcast over there, right?

Huw said...

Someone told me that Bulldog is poo. That is the sort of terminology people have to adopt to get me to understand technology.

Chris Cope said...

Noted. Bulldog is poo.