Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Bring back the ¢

  • I've noticed that a lot of my posts lately have been a little wordy. I apologise if, like me, you prefer not to sit through really long blog posts. Especially when those posts suffer from a lack of being funny. I don't know what's come over me.

  • I find it unfortunate that the ¢ symbol is falling so much out of use. Obviously Microsoft is to blame -- it's not easily found on a keyboard, so no one uses it. Yet the { and } symbols can be found. When the hell have you ever used { or }? I used to be a fucking copy editor and I don't even know what the { and } are used for. The best I can come up with using those is a moustachioed emoticon:
    ; { )

  • I was thinking today about the song "Ain't No Other Man," by underfed songstress Christina Aguilera. In the song, the chorus is: "Ain't no other man but you."
    Ain't no other man but you. Doesn't this mean, then, that there is another man?
    It seems to me that there is a primary male and a secondary male. The secondary male, or "other man," is the individual being sung to -- she is only assuring him that there is no other man beyond him. He is the only "other man" in her life.
    The phrasing is also rather insulting, I think. For instance, when I was 6 years old, I had a friend named Josh. Josh's dad drove a pickup truck, but also kept a rusted, motorless Datsun up on blocks in the front yard. If you had had asked Josh's dad if he had a car other than his pickup, he might have said: "Ain't no other car but that piece of shit Datsun."
    The Datsun was almost not worth mentioning. It barely even ranked as a car. So, when Christina Aguilera sings, "Ain't no other man but you," she's suggesting that the individual to whom the song is directed is not that much of a man, anyway. He has only "other man" status and the "man" aspect is up for debate.
    It's really a depressing song when you think about it.

    Chicken Legs, Twm and The Kid said...

    Chris, ma da ti lot gormod o amser ar ddwylo di os wyt ti'n gallu cymryd gymaint o amser i feddwl am ystyr geiriau Christina Aguilera (a chymryd yr amser i flogio amdano fe). Diolch am y moustachioed emoticon, very handy.

    Astrid said...

    Well, luckily, there are tons of cheerful songs around as well to make up for miss Aguilera's song. I say genies in bottles are responsible for that. Oh, and rumor goes Astrid San Diego will be visiting Wales next weekend!

    Rob said...

    maybe it rains too much in cardiff. you sound as curmudgeonly as i feel after a long rainy winter in seattle...

    also: i may eschew the use of caps, but i haven't used infer for imply this week, unlike some people. just thot i'd mention it, since there's nothing like catching out a copywriter to make one feel superior.

    ps. yes, your posts have been long and not primarily humour-centred lately, but we're enjoying them all the same. fwiw.

    Sarah Stevenson said...

    You know, that really makes sense to me. And makes me glad I haven't heard an actual Christina Aguilera song* in a few years. (*assuming that "songs" are what she produces, rather than free-form vocal stylin's with few actual complete thoughts)