Thursday, August 31, 2006

Getting lost in my arse a bit

I am really enjoying my little Penhill and Sneaveweedle series that I've started building through Flickr Fiction. I only wish I were getting money for it.

Mick Foley says money only complicates things, but it's a complication I'd like to deal with. If anyone wants to find a way to sell this stuff, I hereby offer you a 40-percent cut of the profit.

Anyway, I am so stupid over this that I have built a side blog to keep a running catalogue of the stories. In the back of my head, I think I'd like to eventually come up with something that is book length.

That's nothing special -- people come up with book-length shite every November (Uhm, no offence to anyone who has actually completed a NaNoWriMo novel). What makes this cool and unique is the fact that I am trying to make it fit to the random Flickr Fiction pictures (some attempts fit better than others) and people's suggestions.

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Afe said...

You said 'arse'. You're now officially British.