Thursday, August 17, 2006

The return of APT

Audio Post Thursday returns with my making fun of old English people.

MP3 File


Chris Cope said...

From the sound of it, I recorded this from inside an empty Pringles canister...

Shawn D. Mickschl said...

I am so excited for the return of APT! It also strikes a memory chord of ATPM (Chris, I will send you a can of Pringles of your choice if you can recall what that is.)

However, I am thoroughly disappointed in your lack of drive to overtake Cuba. Castro is weak! Make your move!

I know you just had this "big move" to Cardiff, and perhaps you left the country to do some covert planning, but come on man! This is your chance!

tuckmac said...

I know that you don't have a t.v. license, but...

Have you caught any "Johnathan Ross" on a telly anywhere?

You want to hear the "Fruity 'r'" as the Brits call it... (Or weird 'w's as you called it) Just watch his show.

I think the most amazing thing about culture in Britain, is that presenters with speech impediments are perfectly okay for T.V. and radio.

-- T