Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Staring intently at wee Buddha

  • The child bride and I were up and out the door early this morning for the long trip to Abertawe ("Swansea" for those of you playing along in England). Rachel had a job interview at one of the hospitals there, and I got to come along so she wouldn't have to worry about the logistics of public transportation.
    It was an hour and a half of travelling each way. Sadly, the result didn't seem to vindicate the effort; Rachel is pretty sure she didn't get the job. She said that at the end of the interview she was sort of given advice of what to do "should your application for this position be unsuccessful," which almost certainly means that it was.
    She was pretty heartbroken when she came to find me in the hospital cafe afterward. And I felt pretty useless as a husband for not really being able to say or do anything about it.
    I think she was expecting it all to be a lot easier. My experiences of constantly applying for jobs and failing she had written off as the absence of a university degree on my CV ("résumé," for those of you playing along at home). She has a master's degree and I think was expecting...
    I don't know what she was expecting. Husbands get in trouble when they try to guess the mindsets of their wives. But clearly she wasn't expecting to find herself a month into living here without a job.
    Things really aren't so bad. She has another job interview lined up for Thursday, this time for a job in Cardiff. And she has applied for a position in Heath (a medical area of Cardiff).

  • But this certainly isn't helping things.

  • I think the South Wales Echo must have dropped the story they were going to do about me. It was supposed to run Monday or Tuesday, according to the reporter. With Wednesday now come and gone, I am wondering if the story was, in fact, a ploy to get me to buy their ass paper for a week.

  • Although there has been no mention of my Welsh exploits in the paper this week, I did get to learn about a translation error on local road signs warning Welsh speakers about "bladder inflammation overturn."

    Chris said...

    Enjoying reading your blog. Sorry about the whole job thing - I know its tough to get a job in Wales (18 months for me - but I do live in the middle of nowhere without a car). Good luck for the future and keep on blogging!

    Enjoy your time in Wales!

    Neal said...

    Maybe having a degree/experience from a foreign country isn't helping much. I have run into that with my past attempts to get my foot in the door in the UK.

    Chris Cope said...

    But don't they realise that we're Americans, Neal? We come from the greatest country on Earth. You'd think they'd be falling over themselves to give us just about anything.

    Well, unless they hate freedom.

    Curly said...

    That's crap! Cardiff cannot be the most expensive place to live in the UK, £1,059 (97%) of wages on outgoings?

    Most people I know in Cardiff barely earn that much. And I suppose no-one can afford a £30 rugby game seven times a year? And a few beers? And I wonder how the centre of town stores are funding their rapid new development?

    Southampton is more expensive that that - surely.

    Don't worry about the Swansea hospital jobs, unless it was Singleton - that's jam-packed with hot nurses.

    Anonymous said...

    Good luck to Rachel finding a job. I certainly know what she's going through (well, not the whole foreign country aspect, but...) I too have a Master's degree but have been unable to find a decent job. Sadly, having a University degree doesn't really help that much. It's only a marketing ploy that all of the US has bought into.

    Then again, I could just be bitter. But I've tried both major and mid-sized markets and only found barely-above minimum wage crap jobs from temp agencies. That's why I'm going back for the PhD next year. "If you can't beat 'em" and all that stwff...

    Er, yeah...but hopefully Rachel will find something great soon! Who wants to commute from Cardiff to Swansea every day anyway? :D

    Thomas said...

    Where have you been, stranger?

    Chris Cope said...

    Cripes, Thomas. Where haven't I been? I am still trying to establish normalcy in my life, so I tend to be very bad about visiting other people's blogs. Sorry about that.

    Anonymous said...

    Good luck to Rachel!!!!!! I think the process of looking for a job is discouraging, no matter WHERE you live. She'll find something!

    any word on whether Sept 5th/6th would be best for a train-by hello? Sent an email awhile back with the basic travel plan, but what with your numerous interviews and increasing brush with celebrity, I understand if it hasn't been read :)