Monday, September 25, 2006

Fuck you very much, Seiko Epson Corp.

  • The other day, my printer ran out of ink. No problem, there's a Staples pretty close to my house.
    But, in fact, there is a problem. I bought my CX4800 printer in the United States and it turns out that I cannot buy the ink in the UK. I can buy ink for the DX4800, which appears to be the exact same printer with a different name, but when I tried using that ink I hit a brick wall. Each ink cartridge has a little microchip on it to tell the printer when it's time to start fleecing me to buy more ink. The microchip also told my CX4800 printer that the ink I had put in was not compatible. And rather brilliantly, Epson has it rigged so that if one ink cartridge runs out (cyan, in my case) the printer will not function. So, I have plenty of black ink, but I cannot print out important documents for classes, which start tomorrow, because I don't have cyan ink, which I hardly ever use.
    I sense a few of you are now guiding your cursor to the comments field to tell me that, yes, that sucks, but all I have to do is order it online and have it shipped over.
    Epson appears to have rigged it so that companies are not allowed to ship it outside of the United States. I am amused by Amazon's phrasing of the issue: "There is a slight problem with your order. This item can't be shipped to your selected destination."
    A slight problem.
    So, I wrote to Epson to ask them what the fuck they expect me to do, now that I'm stuck with their piece-of-shit printer and no place to find ink. This is their response:
    "You need to have it shipped to an address in the USA and then have that
    person forward it to you.
    That's really their answer. Strain the generosity of friends and family members; ask them to go to the trouble and expense of shipping ink to you every time you need it.
    Fuck you, Epson. Fuck you 1,000 times.
    Looks like I'll be buying a new printer -- one that isn't an Epson, obviously.

  • The Ryder Cup is huge over here. I've heard it mentioned numerous times on television and radio. Apparently the Americans are losing. Or we lost. I have tried to read news stories to determine exactly what is happening (or has happened) but I tend to fall asleep after four words: "Colin Montgomerie and Lee... Zzzzzzzzzzzz."
    It speaks to the oddity of the British and their fascination with sports that are not, in fact, sports. Golf is not a sport. Nor are snooker or darts.

  • Does this only happen to me: Every time I want to view something that requires Quicktime, I have to upload a newer version. Does Apple put out new versions weekly?

    Anonymous said...

    My official advice as A Person Who Writes About This Sort of Thing is to go for Canon's Pixma iP4200 – available online from PC world for under £60, less than the cost of a new set of carts, probably.

    And yet, cartridge chipping is evil; you might be as well sticking third party ink through it so long as you're not looking for gallery-quality (I'm serious) images. Try for v good (though slow delivery) ink prices and range.

    Anonymous said...

    Yeah, I noticed that as well, about the Ryder Cup. I think it gets drowned out over here by the combination of football starting and baseball heading to the playoffs. Or it could be that golf just sucks.

    David T. Macknet said...

    As someone who keeps things for as long as they'll work ... I'd suggest getting ahold of a refurbished HP LaserJet, of the 3P or 4P iteration. Why? Because unless you need speed, they're awesome for printing black & white, they last forever (I've got a 3P which is at least 20 years old & still going strong), and they DON'T have anything to do with that silly chip thing.

    Anonymous said...

    I second Christopher's advice. Canon's budget inkjets are decent and as far as I know they do not indulge in the nefarious practice of chipping their ink cartridges to enable price gouging in different regions.

    Canon's ink prices are generally the lowest too. Stay away from Lexmark. Cheap and rubbish.

    In the interim it might be worthwhile seeing if you can get your american cartridges refilled at on of those ink refill shops.

    Anonymous said...

    hi guys,
    my epson printer uses four cartridges and fucking needs refuses to print black while having one color running out, this a very arrogant evil feature in that device, how much I hate you epson
    SO "Fuck you very much epson shit"

    one thing is sure my next printer WILL NOT be an epson

    Anonymous said...

    fuck you epson
    mange dla marde dit en bon francais

    fucking shit printer
    fucking shit program
    fucking waste ink shit

    hope you burn to the ground
    thank you epson for fucking the world over an over you just lost another customer
    keep doing it
    you will destroy yourself