Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Thank you, usurping multinational corporation

  • Keeripes, Andrew Lloyd Webber is a scary-looking man.

  • The date of Wales' smoking ban has been officially announced, which I think is pretty cool. Although, I'm not sure it will matter much to me. Only about two people smoke in the Mochyn Du as is.

  • Huw sent me a link to this blog. Oh. So. True. The other aspect of the Cardiff press is that there is no actual news. None. A look through the Echo would offer no sign of what is happening in Assembly, Parliament or any other part of the world.

  • The child bride finally has a job of sorts. She is now gainfully employed by a huge multinational corporation. It's not exactly the job you dream of when you work your ass off to get a master's degree, but it will stop some of the financial bleeding, and hopefully something that actually challenges her will come along soon.
    The child bride, being the sort of person who would be nominated for sainthood if her church had such a thing, is making no complaints. This long period of unemployment has taught her to appreciate the value of any job, she says.
    And it's a win for Starbucks. Now when Cymdeithas show up to protest, the multinational can shuffle her out to try to placate them: "Dw i'n dysgu. Does that count for anything?
    Apparently, as part of Rachel's employment she is given a bag of coffee a week, which seems like a ridiculous amount if you ask me. Since neither the child bride nor I drink coffee, it means that one of our friends will be getting a lot of free coffee.
    What I am most worried about with this job is that the music she hears all day. I fear it will affect her brain and she'll come home some day with a Joni Mitchell CD.

  • I have started work on a second novel. When I was writing my first novel (that you haven't read because it remains unpublished), I used to keep a running word count on my blog to offer an idea of my progress. Presently, I have a whopping 1,948 words, which puts me about 98,000 words shy of a completed book. So, it's going to be a while.
    But Eric, Paul, Anthony and Dan might be interested to know that I have figured out ways in which I will weave their names into the book. By doing this, I reckon I'll ensure that at least four people would buy the book if it were published.

    Curly said...

    I was in the Queen Street Starbucks on Sunday at about 1pm - I didn't get served by the child bride, did I?

    Rhys Wynne said...

    The only time I've ever visited a Stabucks is when I took park in the protest in the above link! Promise not to do so while Rachel's on duty.

    Funnily enough we were discussing Starbucks in one of our learner groups on Monday, one lady had been to the very same branch recently and though how strange the 'latte grande' sign was. 'Latte' is Italian, but 'grande' is Spanish - what dorks* (both Starbucks for doign something so stupid and us for discussing it)

    *as you can see me speech is already littered with all these whack** American terms thanks to the Cope invasion

    **as you can see me speech is already littered with all these American terms thanks to the Cope invasion

    I'd also get onto the authorities if Starbucks insist on paying Rachel in Coffee. Although Tony Blair the 'socialist' is hell bent on imitating US policies on almost everying, we do still have some employment laws here that's banned that sort of thing. That kind of practice hasn't gone on since the coal mine owners insisted on paying the miners in coupons that could only be redeemed in the company shop.

    Bethgun said...

    Hey, I'll take some o' that coffee - do you think that the shipping costs to Texas would exceed the cost of a pound of Starbucks coffee here?

    And are you a reformed pirate or what? TLAP Day apparently escaped your notice this year.

    Anonymous said...

    You're book is already on my top 5 all time best books list. You've officially passed Thomas Pynchon and Mick Foley....speaking of a cage match.