Monday, September 4, 2006

The weakest blog post I've made in several months

  • I am heartbroken over this.

  • I've stretched the template on my blog a bit. The goal here is to be able to post larger pictures on the rare occasion that I actually post them. But you, my beloved reader, may not be such a fan. Or it may show up wonky in your browser. Or, you may just not like it.
    Let me know if you think I should change it back.

  • Has anyone noticed that Blogger has launched Blogger beta? This version alows the user to manipulate the look of their blog easier. What the hell, yo? What if I want all the fancy new stuff but don't want to lose two years of posts?

  • Why yes, I am 13 years old. Last night I came up with this phrase: "Dude, this tastes like butt sex."

    Griselda said...

    Noticed the change, but it looks good on Firefox...

    Afe said...

    I literally didn't believe it when I first heard. Very sad, and particularly close to home since Aussie Zoo is just up the road from here. Damn you, wildlife. Sting rays smell like butt sex.

    Somebodyiusedtoknow said...

    the sting ray was trying to have butt sex with steve irwin perhaps.