Sunday, October 15, 2006

16th Rocktober

  • I think we're set for the musical calendar*. Be sure to use these when setting appointments. The next step is to name off days off the week. Or not. That sounds like work.
    - Jazzuary
    - Funkuary
    - Sousa March
    - Gospril
    - Heavy Maytal
    - Cajune
    - Julypso
    - Skaugust
    - Swingtember
    - Rocktober
    - Bossa November
    - AC/December
    I did like the idea of Zeptember, though, which made me also think of Maytallica.

  • It really felt like autumn Sunday in Crazy Ol' Caerdydd. That's not really saying much, I suppose, because it's felt like autumn pretty much every day since mid-August. But something about today made me feel semi-content. Then I remembered that I have several things that need to be done by Monday and went back to nonstop panic and profanity.

  • Am I the only one who thinks Pink is the new Alanis Morisette?

    *And kudos to me for dragging this out for three days.

    TotallyHappened said...

    Too funny! I've not been online as much lately and I'm sad I missed the naming of the months, but I promise I will celebrate in style!

    School has been getting to me too. I'm hoping I didn't make the wrong decision in going back!

    Sarah Stevenson said...

    I don't think AC/DC should get their own month. What's up with that?

    Chris Cope said...

    I'm inclined to agree, Sarah, but couldn't think of anything better.

    Bethgun said...

    Did anyone suggest Desamba? I loooooooove the Samba!

    Hey, my word verification looks like something Chris may have been saying lately, with all of the stress of school (unless he's cussing exclusively in Welsh these days):


    Anonymous said...

    I love them all, although Sousa March is sure to cause more band-related nightmares. I already had one last night, where I couldn't find my spats.
    Damn it!

    Anonymous said...

    spats are funny. I used to clean mine with soft scrub with bleach.