Friday, October 13, 2006


  • So, we've got:
    - Jazzuary
    - February
    - Sousa March
    - April
    - May
    - June
    - July
    - August
    - Swingtember*
    - Rocktober
    - Bossa November
    - AC/December
    That's half the year covered. Mark your calendars. Can anyone think of something to fit those spring and summer months (and February, which I think rhymes with nothing)?

  • This is impossible to explain, but it makes me laugh: Nümberwang.

  • One of the myriad frustrating elements about the Welsh language is the way they count. There are two ways, actually. The more recent system is a bit like the way we count in English.
    But there is also an older system, which is still very much in use, that involves counting by increments of twenty and doing math. Roughly translating to English, to say the number 79 you would say "four plus fifteen plus three twenties."
    It gets even worse when you want to count objects. To say "79 ships" you would say "four plus fifteen ships plus three twenties."
    You see why this course is killing me?

  • Wales takes a certain amount of pride in the fact that it is an ancient country. There were people here tossing eggs at innocent bystanders hundreds of years before Christ showed up to tell them it's wrong.
    To underline Cymru's ancient feel, it has a train service that only an ancient Celt wouldn't have problems with: "Look, Rhiannon, how fast this great box allows us to flee from the Vikings! And the chimney is on the outside!"

    *Although, I also really like "Two-Steptember."

    Violet said...

    I wouldn't be able to deal with having to count like that. I have enough difficulty counting anyway.

    How 'bout Ska-tember? Sorry, couldn't come up with anything for the months that don't have anything yet.

    Anonymous said...

    Just to adapt violet's idea: Skaugust.

    Jenny said...

    That's Numberwang! Now let's play Wangernumb!

    Bethgun said...

    Has anyone suggested...



    Heavy May-tel?

    Junbia (cumbia...but if I have to explain it probably won't work, right?)


    OK, grasping at straws here.

    Jenny said...

    Scottish one: Apreel

    Anonymous said...

    Wait, did anyone mention Zeptember yet? Because Zeptember fucking rules.

    Banksy said...


    When I was in school, admittedly some time ago, 79 was the fairly straightforward saith-deg-naw - 7-10-9.

    Don't know why they're teaching it that way, but then I'm not au fait with modern teaching methods.