Thursday, October 12, 2006


This month is, of course, Rocktober. I am trying to think of what musical styles can be allocated to other months. At the moment, all I've come up with is Bossa November. Anyone?


Anonymous said...

Sousa March?

Anonymous said...

Fandango (Flamenco?) February, if you feel alliterative.

Owain said...

Tejanuary? (Tejano + January)

Dyn Gwyn Gwirion said...

Jazzuary. Ha!

Neal said...

Swingtember? It's a bit of a stretch.

Afe said...



Screamtember (Screamo)

March (that one's for marching band music)

Huw said...

Two-Steptember? Sorry, that's rubbish.

Anonymous said...

June - Junegle/Cajune
August - Augustrial/Augustral/Augustic
July- Julypso/Rockabuly
April - Skapril
March - Mariachi March

That's me tapped