Thursday, November 30, 2006

For the love of Pete, will somebody please wear this corsage?

For my Spanish class we have to do a group project, holding a five-minute conversation with another classmate. Asking people to do the project with me feels like I'm asking someone to a school dance:

"Uhm, hey I was wondering, if, uhm, you have a partner yet for, uhm..."

I've been shot down twice, with one of the girls making it actually feel like I was asking for something more: "Oh, dear. I'm so sorry. I've already got someone. I'm really sorry -- I'm sure you'll find someone, though."


Crystal said...

maybe if you bought her dinner first! roses, candlelight, a little boonesfarm...maybe then you might have better luck.

seriously, chris. i am appalled that you wouldjust flat out ask for it.

heatherfeather said...

maybe you should offer to ply them con cerveza y panqueques. then you should think about how freakin' weird it is that a texas native moved to wales to learn welsh and is taking spanish classes.

Anonymous said...

Moving to Wales to learn Welsh and taking Spanish classes isn't that weird at all.

A Minnesotan moving to Sweden and taking english classes is much stranger.

Chris, I say you should be a one man team. I believe that if anyone (actors not included) could convincingly hold a conversation with themself in front of a class, it'd be you.

Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel better, when I used to take classes at the rec center at UCLA, sometimes the instructor would make us partner up. I always went to these classes alone, and I was inevitably the OLDEST person in a sea of sorority-letter-shorts-wearing undergrads. Once you get to a certain age, I think you should just be assigned in pairs or groups! Stop the madness!

Rob said...

When I was 15 yrs old, we were supposed to partner in biology class to dissect a frog, then bleach its skeleton and make a frog bone sculpture (don't ask me, that's what they did at that school).

Because I was funny-looking and socially inept, I ended up without a partner. The next day a pretty girl who'd been absent on the first day of partnering showed up and told the teacher she didn't have a partner, so he gave her a frog to do by herself.
I was too shy and intimidated and embarrassed to ask to work with her, or even to tell the teacher I didn't have a partner.
So for the next month I either skipped biology class or just wandered around the lab trying to look busy. I took a zero on that unit of class, but I passed anyway because I was such a geeky-studious-test-taking-nose-in-a-book-chess-club-going-Rubik's-cube-solving-nerd.
The pretty girl got married right out of high school, had three kids in approximately 27 months, and got really fat.
I got married, got fatter, got thinner, got divorced also.
Not sure what it all means, but at least it's a long story about me on someone else's blog...

Anonymous said...

not talking to the pretty girl means someone else got to have lots of sex and babies with the pretty girl who then got really fat. . . of course, if you had been her frog-bleaching skeleton partner, maybe she wouldn't have gotten married right out of school . . . or maybe she still would have and it would have been to YOU . . . but then maybe she wouldn't have gotten really fat . . . screw it, time for another beer :)