Thursday, November 2, 2006

I met Peter Johnson and you didn't

Radio Wales' "Eye on Wales" programme came to the house to interview me Wednesday. They're doing a radio documentary type item thingy on bloggers in Wales and since Curly is likely to rile the pensioners with his controversial pro-Canadian stance, they went with me to fill the "bloggers who aren't influential or necessarily good" niche.

Wait. That was supposed to be a self-depreciating comment, but because I looped Curly in there, it comes off a bit wrong. I'll leave it there, though, because I really just wanted to link to him as a nod to a fellow (English-language) blogger in Wales.

Perhaps by singling him out in a post and buying him a pint when I see him (next week?) it'll make up for the fact that I failed to mention him when I was talking about other bloggers I read regularly. When asked about my favourite reads, I listed Donal, Esther, and Jenny.

Jenny was perhaps an odd one to list, since her blog is password protected. But, after a bit of thought, I realised why these names came to my head right away. All three listed above have bought me beer.

Admittedly, they're not the only people to have bought me stuff*. And I should point out to Chris, who has bought me booze and multiple meals, and showed me around London and given me a computer lead that makes my laptop work in the UK, that I was mentally looping him in with his wife. As someone who seems to be as stupid over his significant other as I am over mine, I doubt he will take offence that for conversation purposes I deferred to his better half.

I even read a bit of an Esther post, but there's no promising it will end up in the final product. Odds are, in fact, although I talked to Peter Johnson for nigh 30 minutes my bit of the programme will last only 20 seconds.

Nonetheless, I'll try to get details on when exactly the programme will air so you can hear it.

*At present I have a mental image of Elisa digging in her purse. I assume I chose to log this in my head because she bought me booze. And, I'm pretty sure Linus bought me a pint as well, but even if he didn't, he served as a guide through the mean streets of Dublin.


Special bonus feature

I originally wrote: "...after a bit of thought, I realised why these names came to my head right away. All three listed above have bought me beer or feature in my illicit sexual fantasies. Actually, now that I think about it, Donal has also bought me beer."

I scrapped the line because I wasn't sure the "Jenny and Esther have bought me stuff; Donal has done nothing more than to exist in my mind wearing an enormous dildo on his head" joke came through.


Jenny said...

Woo! Fame! Welshy fame! Thanks!

Also, feel free to pimp my website regardless of its password protectedness; perhaps an eccentric millionaire will see my artwork and ask me to jack in the teaching and become his personal embroiderer.

Also: OOH BURN. That is the first time I've ever been described as smarter than the boy. He gonna cut you up. He is an excellent streetfighter with loose morals.

Okay, I have to go to work now.

Curly said...

The e-mails I've received from Angry (formerly) Canadian pensioners has more than doubled since this post went up.

I have to protest though, I am constantly influencing Afe to do bad things on the internet. He's totally unaware of it, until now that is... darn it. I'll happily join in the 'not necessarily good' gang though.

Anonymous said...

Get me on the radio and I'll buy you all the beer and giant dildos a boy could want.

Sarah Stevenson said...

Next time I'm in Wales I'll buy you a beer...Swear to god. It may not be for a few years, but it's a hell of a lot more likely than you coming to Modesto.

Violet said...

People who buy me beer are always some of my favoites, too!