Thursday, November 9, 2006

Steak and a drink

I finally got a chance Wednesday to meet Chris, aka Curly. Interesting fact for the ladies: his voice is deeper than I would have expected. I learned this when he serenaded me with a touching rendition of Luther Vandross' "How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye."

OK, I made that up.

Nonetheless, by purchasing dinner for me (£5.45 for steak and a drink!), he has secured himself as one of the bloggers that I will mention as my favourites. Here are a few of the high points from our conversation:
- Good name for a band: Big Gay Mexican
- His Canadian accent is shit.
- My Welsh accent is shit.
- Crystal is pretty.
- Astrid is pretty.
- Alan Titchmarsh is an ass
- When Wales wins at rugby, Chris drunkenly calls his parents to tell them he loves them.
- Like much of the Western world, after drinking consecutive pints of Guinness we'll inexplicably start speaking in shit Irish accents. Much to our chagrin, this impresses no one.

Somehow it took us three hours for us to cover all of that.


Huw said...

I was struck by the deep rumble that is his voice when I first met him too. I read his blog in a whole new way after that.

heatherfeather said...

damn. i gotta work harder to get dropped into conversations between bloggers.

gym, here i come.

Ev said...

nice that my name links to a picture of tits. see, heather? that's what it's all about with guys.


btw, chris, this is my other blog. since most of my readers consist of clergy, i needed a place where i could be dirty.

Crystal said...

oh, i am a dumbass. sorry. somebody quit giving me coffee!

Curly said...

Wasn't it 'Enormous gay mexican'? All the other points, I agree with wholeheartedly!

Cheers for the beers though, it was a funny three hours! We'll do it again sometime!

(read this in a really high pitched Irish accent and you'll get close to how Cope sounds after a few pints)

heatherfeather said...

see, i didn't want my aunty looking at my tits.

but for the good of my reputation as a ninja poster (see how i've stopped posting ninjas lately? what's up with that?) i present you with my voting picture.

Ev said...

i am impressed.

Afe said...

What, so I'm not pretty? That's not what you said last week, BITCH.

Astrid said...

Haha ... yes, when I first spoke to Curly Chris, I said about the same about his voice! He sounds so manly, huh? Haha ..

And yes, I reckon it was my hairly legs that I showed off on the beach that made Chris say I was pretty! It is funny what can turn a guy on!

Anonymous said...

he's also one of my favourite bloggers ... I've never met a blogge before- it must be funny to meet the person behind the posts :)

mo** said...

for some reason my new name is anon ..